Defiant Angel

by Jodi Smith

Lily is as beautiful as she is spirited, but the little orphan doesn’t stand a chance in the saloon. Escaping to start a new life, she grows into a strong, determined young woman. Unfortunately Lily never expected to meet someone as tall, dark and handsome as Ace. But she refuses to loose her head over any man, much less an arrogant gunslinger!

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Category: Western Romance

Crazy Rich LA

by Bo Grant

A dream weekend invitation to Los Angeles for small-business owner, Camille is exactly what she has been waiting for to rocket her company into the big leagues. Her business partner/best friend could do this in her sleep. But when Camille finds herself flying alone to California, her hopes and confidence plummet.
Camille will have to keep her nerves in check and her spirits high if she wants to see her dream become a reality.

Wade Bloom’s weekend plans are to check in on his mother to make sure that she isn’t overworking herself and enjoy a weekend in L.A. Instead, he finds a stranger dancing around his mother’s guesthouse.

When a surprise meeting sends them both reeling, Camille and Wade will have to find common ground if they want this deal to work. The only thing Camille is sure of is that she cannot fall for the boss’s son.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Rough Ride

by Nonna Henry

They’ve both got secrets and a mutual enemy.
Tall, hard-bodied security professional Nick Flannery came home from active duty ready to start a new life with the military analyst who owns his heart. But Liz is distant and he’s going to find out why. Because the fresh start he wants? It’s nothing without her.
Liz Nelson returned from Iraq with a prosthetic and a secret baby. Her new normal is within reach, but that second chance with the sergeant she adores? It won’t happen if he learns the truth.
The Rough Ride is a sexy, wounded warrior, romantic suspense featuring two soldiers who give their all for a second chance at happiness. They fought for their country. Now they’ll fight for each other.

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Category: Military Romance

Under The Radar

by Nonna Henry

Baltimore social worker Mo Reardon is dreaming of a margarita, a manicure, and a beach vacation. And it wouldn’t hurt to understand why the most sizzling man she ever met ghosted after her best friend’s wedding. But one phone call to the police changes everything. She’s running for her life.
Commander Mac Mackenzie is a discriminating hunk of hotness. His arms have held rifles and women from around the globe. But the woman who locked and loaded his heart over a pool table isn’t interested anymore. That is—until their lives collide.
As their romance heats up, an enemy lurking in the shadows plans to eliminate them. The men and women of Sanctuary, Inc. have one chance for a rescue. Will they make it in time? No one is who they appear to be – not even the enemy. Anything can happen when you’re living under the radar. Let the fireworks begin!

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A Deal for Zeylum

by Lynnea Lee

Ashe only needs to survive long enough with the known criminal to get her end of the bargain: freedom. She trusts the clawed and fanged Tallean warrior to keep her safe, but who will keep her safe from him?

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

The Boss’s Bride

by Gia Bailey

As future boss of the Luciano family, it’s my duty to marry, and infamous Song heiress has already been arranged for me. She got a dangerous reputation, but I’ll break her rebellious spirit, and curb her wicked ways. There’s only one master in this house, and it’s me.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Father Christmas

by Margot Scott

I fell hard the night my friend’s daughter called me Daddy on an empty playground. Reunited at her family’s Christmas cabin, it’s time I showed my baby girl that when I play house, I play for keeps.

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Category: Contemporary Romance