More than Friends

by Hayleigh Sol

Mike’s always been the nice guy. The feelings he suddenly has for his best friend, Mel, are anything but nice. Melanie’s only looking for a casual fling. Her BFF is making it hard to remember casual is all she wants.
Melanie doesn’t do long term relationships. No-strings flings are the only way to go, but the only guys who seem to be down with those are total jerks. If she could just find a decent guy for her next fling…Hmm, when did her best friend get so hot?

Mike’s finally ended his toxic relationship with the girl he’s been with on and off since high school. When Mel moves back to their hometown of Silver Falls, hanging with his best friend feels just like old times. Almost. If he could just stop checking her out and imagining her naked all the time…
Are Melanie and Mike willing to risk their friendship for a casual fling? Harmless flirtation or is it something more?

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Category: New Adult & College Romance

Sworn by Blood

by J.R. Pearse Nelson

Hazel can’t help what she is. Being the daughter of a love god isn’t all fun and games. She wants no part of her father’s world. Otherworld forests are full of huge, scary creatures and annoying pixie pests. And the people there have never even given her a chance.
She wants nothing to do with Sidhe men, either. Especially after that last time…
But her effect on humans makes a normal relationship impossible, not to mention introducing some seriously awkward situations.
Ian has spent the last year on a fruitless mission to fulfill a family obligation set long, long before his time. All he’s found is trouble. Now he needs the love god’s help to see the end of this task and get back home. Until then, he’s stuck beyond the veil in the human world.
What better way to bargain with a love god than through his daughter?
But Hazel won’t be a pawn in Sidhe games. And Ian must make peace with his family’s legacy; he must do it soon. Somehow, they’ll have to work together, before time runs out.

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Category: Fantasy Romance

Talk Dirty to Me

by Ali Parker

Though my love life is like a ten-year-old fall leaf trapped between the pages of an old journal. I’m short. Curvy. Average at best. And I’m a fraud. For all the advice I give on the air, I have zero experience to back it up. But I give love advice on the radio. And the only man I’ve ever caught feelings for is one of my callers: Mister No Name.

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Category: Romantic Comedy

Deep Blue

by Kristy McCaffrey

How intelligent are great white sharks? Grace will risk everything to find out.

Underwater filmmaker Alec Galloway is hired to produce a documentary of Dr. Grace Mann freediving with great whites, but can he keep her safe when her passionate focus on the sharks just might get her killed?

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

Montana Mistletoe

by Kim Law

Justin Cory is back home, and fun, irresistible, and once-best-friend Bree seems like the perfect distraction. She isn’t sticking around past the holidays, so he doesn’t have to worry she’ll expect more than he can give. But as they spend the season together, stolen mistletoe kisses start to feel all too right. However, with the future uncertain and the past hanging over them, it may take more than mistletoe to get from Christmas to forever.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Hunk

by Isla Pink

Cover model, Landon Jackson has only one shot to further his career. And, failure is not an option.

He’ll do whatever it takes, even if that something is a certain author. Determined to connect with Harlow, his plans foil when he meets Tess at the airport on his way to LA.

Bestselling author, Harlow Shields, is attending the Indie Convention in LA. An instant success, she knows this is her one shot to get the producers of Hollywood to make her books into a movie.

A chance meeting. A random connection, and all hell breaks loose.

What will happen when truths come to surface? Will Landon give in to his attraction, or will animosity get the best of him?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Perfect Kiss

by A.L. Long

Crosby McCall will pay for what he has done.

He will never replace Rui Salko.

Sooner or later, his empire will fall, and he will join his brother once and for all.

Nothing will stop me from getting what I want.

Reyna and I will live the life we were meant to share, and no one will separate us again, ever.

The story between Davian Cross and Reyna McCall continues with Book Four, the final book of the Sinful Pleasures Series. The Perfect Kiss is explosive, and everything you have waited to learn will finally be revealed. It is suggested that you read books one, two, and three of the Sinful Pleasures Series first.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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