Tormentor Mine: A Dark Romance

by Anna Zaires

“Darkly addictive and hauntingly beautiful, Peter and Sara’s story will stay with you long after you read the final words.” —Julia Sykes, USA Today bestselling author

He came to me in the night, a cruel, darkly handsome stranger from the most dangerous corners of Russia. He tormented me and destroyed me, ripping apart my world in his quest for vengeance.

Now he’s back, but he’s no longer after my secrets.

The man who stars in my nightmares wants me.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Elemental Awakened

by Helen Scott

She can either save the world…or end it.

When confronted by four sexy-as-sin strangers telling her she’s the key to saving her world, and four other realms, Tessa isn’t sure what to believe. She’s always been able to see other worldly creatures, but this is a far reach. Even for her.

As strange things start happening, she begins to think maybe their warnings might be true. But how can a human like her even fathom saving one world, let alone five?

Without her, all five realms will collapse into each other, causing untold levels of destruction. Can she trust them and take a leap of faith to save all the lives within the realms? Or will she doom them all?

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Nanny for the Alien Lord

by Tammy Walsh

I signed the contract. Now he owns me.

For one night, I’m determined to let my hair down.
It’s New Year’s Eve and I’ve got a ticket to the hottest party in town.
I find myself dancing with none other than alien Lord Tauas Choer himself!
Everything’s going great…
Until morning rolls around and his latest invention makes me redundant.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

London Calling: The Complete Collection (Books 1 – 5)

by Kat Faitour

Kat Faitour’s London Calling is a contemporary, romantic adventure series now available in a complete five-book collection!

Book One: A Matter of Trust
She longs to steal his heart…or is it his fortune she’s really after?

Book Two: Losing Angeline
Her life is a carefully crafted lie. How far will she go to keep her secrets?

Book Three: Risking It All
She was only a fling, never meant for forever. So, why can’t he live without her?

Book Four: The Price of Winning
He’s the very last thing she wants. Which is too bad, because he’s also the exact thing she needs.

Book Five: Angeline’s Return
He vowed to love, honor, and cherish her. But can he also forgive?

Buy this thrilling collection to begin the passionate, adventure series today!

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Susan, A Jane Austen Prequel

by Alice McVeigh

“She possesses an uncommon union of symmetry, brilliancy, and grace. One is apt to expect that an impudent address will naturally attend an impudent mind – but her countenance is absolutely sweet. I am sorry it is so, for what is this but deceit?“ (from Jane Austen’s Lady Susan)

Sixteen-year-old Susan Smithson – pretty but poor, clever but capricious – has just been expelled from a school for young ladies in London.
At the mansion of the formidable Lady Catherine de Bourgh, she attracts a raffish young nobleman. But, at the first hint of scandal, her guardian dispatches her to her uncle Collins’ rectory in Kent, where her sensible cousin Alicia lives and “where nothing ever happens.”
Here Susan mischievously inspires the local squire to put on a play, with consequences no one could possibly have foreseen. What with the unexpected arrival of Frank Churchill, Alicia’s falling in love and a tumultuous elopement, rural Kent will surely never seem safe again…

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Category: Historical Romance

Magic Destiny

by Kate Gellar

One day Abby Brennan is a typical American college student, the next her mom dies and she discovers she’s the descendant of some powerful witch line. Except her mother forgot to mention it, and now Abby’s able to sense things others cannot. Lucky for her, four sexy, Irish guardians might just have the answers she needs.

Spending the summer in an Irish castle with four hot men would be any girl’s dream, but this place is heaving with a strange, pulsating energy. She can feel it. Something’s coming for her, and it wants to use her raw, untamed power to free them.

It doesn’t help that the sexy-as-hell guardians are being super secretive. They haven’t been truthful about why they invited Abby. Why she hungers for them—and not in a good way.

If Abby doesn’t figure out fast who her mom was—who she is—she might be adding murder to her list of summer activities.

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Category: Paranormal Romance


by Paris Wynters

Taya Maverick has just volunteered to marry a random Navy SEAL as part of the military’s new spouse-matching program. What other choice does she have? Her former best friend killed her father and torched her house. Taya’s determined to start over, but to be safe she has to disappear. The program is the perfect opportunity, complete with refuge and a built-in bodyguard. Her Navy SEAL husband can keep her safe, right?

After one spectacularly disastrous marriage, Jim Stephens nixes round two. But his commanding officer never accepts no for an order. While an injury may have sidelined him temporarily, Jim still needs to salvage his career after a mistake in combat puts him in leadership’s cross-hairs. Being the first in the pilot program guarantees him his rank and eventual active duty clearance…as long as he can last the trial year.

The I dos are barely uttered before Jim and Taya realize they’ve each miscalculated. Their sizzling chemistry might lead to bed, but neither is prepared to open their heart. And then Taya’s past comes knocking…

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Category: Military Romance

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