The Chimera Bounty

by Ember Holt

Fae Rabies is a thing, and Corvin has it. Maeve is looking for the hottest story to uncover, and Corvin has that too…as well as several other things Maeve would like to uncover.

Before meeting Corvin, Maeve’s penniless investigative journalist days were on wash, rinse, repeat: gym, latte, class, bar job, and madly slamming her keyboard in between. When the tall, handsome shifter pulls back the veil, revealing that she too is a Fae shapeshifter, everything changes.

Now Maeve is tangled up with a Naga crime lord who’s demanding Corvin finish his mission. But given his “Fraebies,” Corvin’s magic is too dangerous to use and he’s forced to leverage Maeve’s investigative skills to find his quarry: a doctor that can cure him.

Maeve’s life is on a new trajectory. The grumpy, smoldering Corvin will teach her magic as they hunt down the bounty, and she’ll get a killer story out of it—

Hopefully not too killer.

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Category: Fantasy Romance

The Wolf Witch

by Chandelle LaVaun

Sometimes magic throws a curveball…

I thought I had everything figured out. I’d gone to the academy for witches and mastered my magic. I’d opened my own witchy occult store, just as I always wanted. And my family was as close as ever. Everything was going according to plan.

Until the wolves showed up and dragged me back to their land. It was all a misunderstanding. They had the wrong girl, the wrong idea. I was just a witch.

And then I shifted.

But nothing is as it appears…and now my life is in danger.

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Category: Paranormal Romance


by Roxanne Tully

When billionaire tycoon, Scott, sees a beautiful brunette lurking around his private event, he races to get her attention and find out who she is. But after a quick exchange of words, she flees like Cinderella before the strike of midnight.

Dressing the part is Elle’s secret weapon when she plans high-profile events, but she has one rule; don’t get caught!

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Category: Contemporary Romance