Forever Mine

by Kathy Coatney

He’s lost everything that gave his life meaning. She’s determined to show him that she’s his new beginning.

Cassie Cooper’s neat, orderly life is turned topsy-turvy when overnight she becomes a single mom to three rambunctious boys. Between running her beauty salon and caring for her new charges, she has no time for a relationship. But love is definitely in the air when her childhood friend, Griffin Valentine, moves back to town.

Griffin Valentine, famed orthopedic surgeon, walks away from a lucrative practice after his two-year-old son dies in a car accident and his wife divorces him. Returning to Hope’s Crossing to take over a small medical practice, he throws himself into caring for his patients. As much as he’s drawn to Cassie and her readymade family, the past looms over him, threatening to destroy the new life he’s building.
Can Cassie help Griffin find love again?

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance


The Wild Moon

by Riley Storm

He destroyed my world because I dumped him.

Now we’re bound together by fate, and if I want to save my family and my freedom, I’ll have to reject him again.

The pack’s Alpha has given me 30 days to reconsider.

My wolf and I are going to work together if we want to survive, and she’s anything but cooperative.

But if we don’t, we’re dead.

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Category: Paranormal Romance


Say You’ll Be Mine

by Maria Luis

Falling in love with your ex should never feel this good…

Shaelyn Lawrence is back where she started: New Orleans. She’s returned only to take care of her grandmother, and after that? She’s out, hopefully long before she sees the boy who once broke her heart. But when a family member needs help, there’s only one person she can to turn to, and resisting Brady Taylor is going to take a serious lesson in self-control…

Detective Brady Taylor has his sights set on a promotion. Nothing is getting in his way–except that he didn’t prepare for the girl who left him without a word to sweep back into town. Resisting Shaelyn has never been his strong suit, and now all he can think about is stripping her out of her f*ck-me heels and kissing the lipstick off her sassy mouth. And when she asks him for help, he’s forced to decide between his career and the woman he’s never stopped loving.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Crazy to Love You

by J. Saman

I am meeting this woman for one reason and one reason only. And that officially makes her off-limits.

I want the one woman I cannot have. Again.
The second I lay eyes on Naomi Kent, I know I want her.
And not just for my duet, though her voice is so strikingly beautiful, it can make angels weep.
It’s her mind, her passion, her perfect curvy body. Everything about her sets my blood on fire.
But here’s the thing… I need her to get this song produced.
She needs me to help her regain the life she lost.
So, any chance at an us… Well, that’s a no-go, right?

I don’t want anything Gus Diamond has to offer me.
And that includes his gorgeous face and sexy-as-all-sin body. Well, maybe I do want those.
But this duet? Nope. Not a chance.
I gave up this life when my world shattered and my broken pieces were stomped all over in a very public way. So you can understand why the last thing I want is to relive all that.
But Gus has this way about him.
And before I know what’s happening, I’m saying yes to things I know better than to say yes to.
Including him.
That is until my past decides to make an unexpected return. With one hell of an entrance.

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Category: Contemporary Romance



by M. O’Keefe

Outside a glittering party, I saw a man in the dark. I didn’t know then that he was an assassin. A hit man. A mercenary. Ronan radiated danger and beauty. Mercy and mystery. In a mad world of luxury and secrets, he’s the only one I can trust.

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Category: Contemporary Romance



by Susan Renee

When the one you let get away is back in town broken and alone, you stop at nothing to show her how you feel, even if your secret could break her all over again.
See that girl over there sitting in my bar?
That’s Savannah Turner.
She was everything I ever thought I could want back in high school, but she never knew it.
She was the one I let get away because I was too scared to pursue her.

Now she’s back in town, alone and broken, trying to pick up the pieces of her life after enduring the worst tragedy of her existence. I would give anything to be the one by her side, holding her hand, helping her heal, but the guilt that consumes me when I see her is crippling.
I can’t ever tell her why.
I can’t tell anyone.
If she found out, it could break her all over again.
That’s a weight nobody ever imagines themselves needing to carry.
Certainly not me.
But fate can be cruel.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


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