Remember Home

by Ginny Sterling

Dear John…
For teacher Lily Hogan, those words would come to mean so much. She knew that giving back to the community brought joy into people’s lives. When her fourth-grade class writes letters to the military overseas in Afghanistan, she takes up her own pen and leads her students by example – writing a letter to an unknown soldier.

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance


Saving Noah

by Kaci Rose

She’s given up on love. He’s given up on life. But they can’t seem to give up on each other.

Of course, my brother went and got himself hurt on this last deployment.

I don’t know what I expect at the hospital but I don’t expect Noah, the man who saved my brother’s life.

I don’t expect him to also save me… or that I will have to save him.

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Category: Military Romance


Claimed By The Vikens

by Grace Goodwin

The only thing former Coalition warriors Calder, Zed and Axon have in common are long years spent battling the Hive, and their eagerness to claim their personal rewardótheir own Interstellar Bride. When news arrives on Viken that each of the warriors has been matched, they gather at the transport station only to receive two unwelcome surprises.

First, they are all matched to the same woman, and not one of them is inclined to share.
Second, their mate has refused them.
She won’t leave Earth and transport to Viken.
Won’t give any of them a chance to win her heart.

But these warriors will not back down from a challenge.
When one states his intention to travel to Earth and retrieve his mate, the others will not allow him to make the journey alone.
Their mate will be seduced.
One by one, they will tame her.
Make her their own.

May the best man win…

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Category: Science Fiction Romance


His Heiress Obsession

by Gia Bailey

Adeline needs some rules in her reckless life. Luckily, I’m her trust fund guardian. I’ll be the firm hand she needs, and she’ll be…. my obsession.

Being made a guardian over a young woman’s fortune is an imposition I didn’t need. My business partner’s sudden death left behind his only daughter. I’d never met her before, and the whole ordeal was an annoying distraction.
That was before I met her. Adeline Laurent. I flew back to the country expecting a sheltered, naïve heiress recluse, and instead, I met Adeline.
My obsession sprang to life from the moment we met when she tried to steal my wallet.
My sweet girl needs a firm hand and a good influence. I’ll be both to her.
I know exactly what she needs, my little obsession, and I’ll give it to her.
No one better get in my way.

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Category: Contemporary Romance



by Tam Derudder Jackson

“Rogue.” is an enemies to lovers paranormal romance that follows two fated mates facing down on the opposite sides of a conflict, being forced to choose between freedom and love. Great for fans of Rebecca Zanetti’s Dark Protector’s series and Lynsay Sands “Immortally Yours.”

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Category: Paranormal Romance


Captured by the Shadow Demon

by Brenna Harlow

“Sinners are more fun, anyway. Aren’t they, my corrupted Little Doe?”

Thelvok doesn’t expect to become ensnared by the beauty of a human, but now that she’s stolen his heart, he can’t let her go. Invading her dreams to touch her isn’t enough, it isn’t real. So when a man robs his precious human, he strikes, destroying the mind and inhabiting the body of the perpetrator.

His Little Doe is an obsession he plans to feed, no matter how many times she runs from him.


Captured by the Shadow Demon is a Dark Paranormal Romance standalone with a HEA at the end.

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Category: Paranormal Romance