by Logan Fox

They call them the Serpents.

Knox, Mason, Silas.

These sick, twisted psychos are the untouchable elites at Cinderhart Academy.

I’d never get involved with such dangerous guys despite how gorgeous, rich, and influential they are.

But after I witness them committing a sadistic crime, I’m dragged kicking and screaming into their dark, depraved world.

If they plan to break me, they’re late to the party.

Nim Winters isn’t the same girl who stumbled onto their crime scene a few months ago.

I have nothing to left to lose.

The Serpents? They have everything…but not for long.

Serpents is a dark college bully romance where the heroine has multiple love interests…and gets a HEA with all of them in book three.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Stand-Up Cowboy

by Vicki Lewis Thompson

She’s almost perfect…
Buckskin wrangler Garrett Whittaker has found the woman of his dreams in single-mom Anna Warren. He’s eager to be in her life, but she refuses to date until her toddler son is in college. Her intimidating ex left little Georgie afraid of men and Anna wary of making another mistake.
If Garrett can win Georgie’s trust, he has a shot. If he can’t, he’s out of luck. One hot kiss tells him Anna’s worth fighting for, but he doesn’t know much about kids.
His fate is in the chubby hands of a two-year-old.

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Category: Western Romance


Emerson Pass Historicals: Books 1 – 3

by Tess Thompson

He’s a lonely widower with five children. She left home for a new life. Together, they create a family they all need.
Lord Barnes, an emigree to America, is raising five precocious children alone.
Quinn Cooper left her family to brave the Western frontier, never dreaming her destiny is about to unfold.
Meet the Barnes family in the first three books of Tess Thompson’s bestselling American Historical Romance series, Emerson Pass. Enjoy epic love stories, sibling loyalty and deep friendships in this family saga that will tug at your heartstrings.

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Category: Historical Romance


The Uptight Billionaire

by Cristina Ryan

Alec’s doing good for himself running a successful business, until his ex-fiancee returns to his life as his company’s top client. Even though she left him at the altar years ago, she wants him back. Enter Callie, a complete stranger, who takes it upon herself to save the day. She’s outgoing and spirited and pretends to be his girlfriend. He goes along with it. After all, it’s his best option. Alec has no desire to get serious about someone again. Besides, Callie is too easy-going and audacious, not his type at all. Faking a relationship shouldn’t be hard to do, except the more time he spends with Callie, the harder it becomes to resist her charm.

Callie is in between jobs and struggling to take care of her ailing dad. So when she spots an obnoxious woman unhinging some gorgeous guy, she decides to have some fun. Pretending to be Alec’s girlfriend at a business dinner proves to be just the thing to distract her from her daily stress. Besides, there’s no way she could really fall for him. She can’t put her heart on the line again. Not after what Steph did to her. But Alec’s mesmerizing eyes keep distracting her. Can her heart heal enough to allow him in?

*The Sweet Love Story that inspired the Clean Billionaire Holiday Romance Series.

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Category: Romantic Comedy


Accidental Sugar Daddy

by Kaci Rose

How does a single mom end up with a sugar daddy??

My best friend tells me I need to date and then sends me to a sugar daddy mixer.
I’m plotting my revenge on the way out when the hottest guy in the room stops me.
One dinner, he says.
One dinner and I’m considering his offer, events for work only.
As a single mom, I can’t turn the money down.
Only this fake relationship is starting to feel all too real.
He wants more, like me and the kids to move in with him.
But my past isn’t pretty and his world is ready for battle because they don’t want me.
Will he still want me now?

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Not You Again

by Ali Parker

The last time I saw my new colleague, she was on top of me. Literally. She’s my best friend’s sister. Years later she’s pissed that we’re working together. Lucky me. She doesn’t believe in love. Unfortunately for her, I do. She has her eyes on the deadline. I have mine on the prize: Her.

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Category: Contemporary Romance