Blood and Ravens

by A.D. Brazeau

In the shadows of 1728 New Orleans, a sinister fate looms over the casket girls, their lives hanging by a thread. A demon, condemned to an eternity as a bloodthirsty vampire, and a young woman stolen from her tranquil Parisian existence find their destinies intertwined. Together, they embark on a harrowing journey to liberate the casket girls from a fate more horrifying than death itself.

22-year-old Greer is plucked from her simple life in Paris and thrust into the enigmatic world of the casket girls in New Orleans. In a convent, promised to a stranger, her life takes a chilling turn. As Greer grapples with vivid dreams of a nocturnal visitor she dubs the “Dark Knight,” a spine-tingling revelation shakes her to her core—these visions are not mere dreams. Greer and her companions are being drained by the ominous creatures lurking within their coffin-shaped chambers.

Enter Theron, a demon cursed by Hades to live out his eternity as a bloodsucking vampire. His icy heart, once devoid of warmth, thaws in the presence of the woman who was supposed to be nothing more than sustenance. As Theron becomes ensnared by her charms, he risks everything to aid Greer and her friends, placing himself squarely in the crosshairs of Hades’ unrelenting fury. To free Theron and save her companions, Greer must make a sacrifice to the lord of the Underworld. But will it suffice, especially when Hades is the least of their concerns?

Blood and Ravens, a dark and gripping paranormal romance, unfurls against the backdrop of 1728 New Orleans. This is the first book of The Casket Girls Series, a tale of forbidden love, supernatural peril, and the enduring battle against an impending darkness that threatens to consume them all.

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