by Marie Scully

Danny Sanders is no stranger to death and loss. While running from her past, she arrives at Wild Horse Ranch, thinking it will be a way to make fast money and move on again. She was not anticipating Liam, the handsome jockey next door.

Liam O’Connor is used to being the man with all the answers, but around Danny he only has questions. Who is she? What secrets could she be hiding? Why does his heart beat faster when she is around?

Can two people used to running stay and fight when their past catches up with them?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Good in the Zak

by Jess Savage

I’ve been in love with Chance Zak since first grade.

Yeah, THAT Chance Zak— America’s sexiest movie star. My brother’s best friend since we were kids.

When he got married last year, I knew it was a PR stunt to sell a reality show about Chance and his lovable B-list bride, Daphne.

Of course, Season One of GOOD IN THE ZAK was a huge hit. Watching my Forever Crush fake fall for his fake wife on every screen in town? NOT FUN.

But when Daphne leaves town to film a movie, Chance hires me to go with her.

He gives me special instructions: Make sure she stays out of trouble. Tabloid photos of her with another man would kill Season Two

I knew going in Daphne was gonna be trouble. I didn’t count on being trapped 24/7 with her, watching her every move, thinking about her all the time.

The more time we spend together, the more I want her.

After loving Chance my whole life, I can’t possibly steal his girl.

I mean… I can’t, right?

GOOD IN THE ZAK is a 53,000 word contemporary NA MFF romance. Mature scenes intended for adult audiences only. Throuple HFN, no cliffhangers. First in series, can be read as a standalone.

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Category: Erotic Romance

Pick Me, Handsome

by C. Morgan

I’d rather work with my hands than spend the billions my father left behind. The only thing that interests me is the apple orchard he left me. A beautiful single-mom teacher shows up to take her kiddos on a tour of the orchard and I feel things I haven’t felt in a long time. Mine. She’s not into rich guys at all. Fine by me. I look like the gardener anyway. All I want is the girl.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


by Holly J. Martin

After escaping from an abusive halfway house, “Jack” Elsie Johnson forges her own path forward as a successful model, determined to forget about the town of Harmony, Maine, her family, Jared Ross—and the pain of knowing their betrayal almost cost her her life.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Imprisoned Heir

by River Starr

Imprisoned for a crime she didn’t commit. Held captive by her mate. Escape means freedom, but maybe losing love in the process.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

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