Sex Stories For Adults

by Red Petru

Dive into “Sex Stories For Adults,” a compilation of 20 enchanting tales that offer a glimpse into the intricacies of love.

In “The Awakening of Love,” Emma, an enigmatic soul, embarks on a transformative journey with artist Luca, unraveling hidden secrets and challenging the foundations of newfound happiness.

“Fragments of the Past” casts shadows on Anna’s impending marriage, a mysterious letter reigniting memories of a long-lost love and testing her commitment.

“The Game of Deception” entangles Michael, a successful lawyer, in a perilous chess match as his affair with Emily jeopardizes not just his reputation but the very fabric of his life.

“Unexpected Love” explores the unlikely connection between Jake and Emma, two souls seeking solace amid echoes of heartbreak.

20 captivating novels to immerse yourself in a world of love.

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Category: Erotic Romance

Guardian Mate

by Audrey Sharpe

Their interstellar romance launched a starship…

After fleeing the malevolent alien race that wiped out her homeworld, all Libra Hawke wants is a quiet life of obscurity. No danger. No drama. Definitely no surprises. But then the universe crashes Brendan Scott into her — literally — and knocks her world off its axis.

He’s human. She’s not. She has no business being anywhere near him, not if she wants to conceal her nebula of secrets. But tell that to her traitorous heart.

His curiosity about her past pokes holes in her cover story big enough to fly a starship through, while logic takes a spacewalk every time they touch. Their intense connection indicates he might be her destined mate… if he can accept her alien nature. And her power.

Delve into the sexy, otherworldly romance that gave birth to the Starhawke Universe. Perfect for fans of Michelle Diener and Jenny Schwartz.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Where Did It Go Right?

by Bella Perry

One unforgettable week. Two unlikely people to fall in love. And both with exes who will stop at nothing to get them back.

Tired of wasting her time and looking the fool, Slone Madison leaves her ex behind and sets off on a long-awaited vacation. However, she doesn’t expect her week of paradise to lead to a whirlwind romance with Derek Billings, the ridiculously handsome and arrogant actor.

Their unforgettable week together allows her to see through the facade of fame and celebrity status, leaving her heart vulnerable for more than her trip can promise.

When that final day comes for them to part ways, neither is ready to return to reality. Slone finds her heart and head pulling her in two different directions while discovering she’s entangled in a web of lies. Derek can’t get the incredible woman off his mind, and now he must face the fact that he’s put Slone in the cross arrows of his ex’s vendetta against him.

This first book of the Romantic Getaway Series takes readers through twists and turns as Slone and Derek find their way in life, deciding what they want and if they’re willing to go for it.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Do What I Say

by Kai Juniper

Briggs Chadwick is everything I despise.
Rich. Arrogant. And expects people to do whatever he says.
Like demanding I give him something I’ve been working for my whole life.
No way that’s happening.
He can bully me all he wants. I’m not letting him have it.

Ella Quinn has something I want.
Something I need.
Without it I’ll never escape the hell I’m living in.

But Ella won’t back down.
She won’t give in to my demands.
She no longer fears me.

That’s about to change.
If she won’t give me what I want, I’ll take it.

At least that was the plan…until it all fell apart.

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Category: New Adult & College Romance

Chance Encounter

by Skye Black

Find out why readers call Skye Black’s Books “spicy, heartbreaking and sexy.” Skye Black’s newest completed series features dangerous morally gray men, badass females, dark spicy romance and forbidden love. Join those who are raving about these dark and dangerous books on Booktok!

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Category: BDSM