Once Upon a Mermaid

by Demelza Carlton

Fall deeply in love with four mermaids and the heroes who capture their hearts in this mer-vellous collection of tales.
Let a sexy Scotsman pull you from the sea, break a family curse for a Viking prince, be seduced by a hot doctor with secrets, then team up with an alien to stop terrorists from destroying your planet.
Start reading these four steamy stories now!

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Category: Fantasy Romance


Snowed in for a Second Chance

by Heather Scarlett

The last place Griffin Walker wants to be is in his hometown of Wildwood Falls, Montana. His career as a travel blogger keeps him constantly on the move, which is just the way he likes it. The last person he wants to see is Sarah Morgan, who has every right to punch him in the face. As his luck would have it, she is the very person he needs to seek out. Returning to help his younger siblings manage his family’s outdoor guide business after his father’s death, his first task is to find a caterer for their new luxury weekend packages. Forced together alone in a secluded mountain cabin, Griffin and Sarah must face their shared past. Will Sarah be able to forgive Griffin for his mistakes a decade ago? Will Griffin be able to slow down long enough to realize that Sarah is what his life has been missing? This winter, Griffin and Sarah will be Snowed in for a Second Chance.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


The Sinners of Saint Amos

by Logan Fox

We’re ready to die for the sins of our fathers, but is she?

They told us we were the cure. That we were special. That we were pure.
It was all a lie. We were just like all the others they defiled, abused, neglected.
We formed a brotherhood and vowed to have our revenge. Now no one stands in our way.
No one, except one girl. Trinity Malone doesn’t know about our past. She doesn’t have a say in our future.
At least, so we thought.
Until we realized Trinity’s exactly who we were looking for.
She’s our secret weapon. Soon, she’ll be seeking revenge…Just like us.

This dark bully romance boxset includes all three books in the Sinners of Saint Amos series and a BONUS EPILOGUE not available anywhere else!

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Category: New Adult & College Romance


Ask Me Nicely

by Dania Voss

He needs to ditch the attitude he has about her. She needs to get over her inconvenient attraction to him.

Successful Chicago real estate developer Spencer D’Angelo will do anything for his family. Well, almost anything. When it comes to his younger sister’s best friend, curvy blonde bombshell Harper Mitchell, all bets are off. Spencer is inexplicably drawn to Harper, but he’s never trusted her. Things just don’t add up. Harper’s trouble with a capital T, even if the rest of his family doesn’t see it, and adores her.

A California native, Harper unexpectedly finds herself jobless and homeless after the Feds raid the real estate firm she’s been working for. When her bestie’s brother, Spencer, the sexy, arrogant Italian who’s starred in way too many of her late night fantasies, begrudgingly offers her a place to stay in Chicago, she jumps at the chance to escape the chaos and darkness that have overtaken her life.

Harper and Spencer have traded insults and barbs from a distance for years, but now they can’t avoid each other. As their scorching chemistry ignites, Spencer becomes protective of her and Harper discovers there’s more to Spencer than his polished, business persona.

How can they continue on as the rivals they’ve always been?

What will happen when Harper’s secrets finally catch up with her?

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Category: Contemporary Romance


The Cougar’s Den (Books 1-3)

by Bella Beaumont

Emily Curtis has never had time for kids or a husband. Now she’s pushing forty and massively successful, but she knows she’s been missing something . . .

And she knows exactly what it is: A hot stud half her age who can keep up with her and put her in her place. She’s still attractive and curvy, so there’s no issue there. No, the only issue is finding the right young, hung guy to do the honors—and maybe more than one!

Once the horny cougar finds her first prey at a jazz bar, she knows the world is her oyster. These boys are too easy . . . and she’s too eager to get herself stuffed, stretched, and dominated!

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Category: Erotica


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