The Vision

by Sophia North

Across the London airwaves, her voice called to him…
Question is…will she listen?

Psychiatrist Simone Radcliffe appears to have it all. Brains, beauty…fame, recognition.
Problem is, she’s utterly miserable.
Her bed is empty. Her best friend has way too many ‘funny feelings’.
And the secret to her success is keeping her up at night… quite literally.

Wondering where it’s all gone wrong, Simone’s life takes an incredible twist when a mysterious new client shows up at her office claiming to be a 300 year old vampire.

Not sure if the handsome Mr. Polidori is simply mad, or suffering from PTSD, Simone holds her nerve and allows him to speak.

If you like your romance full of surprises, with smart sassy women and hot sexy vampires, be sure to check out the DAWN OF VAMPIRE series. It’s got characters with great chemistry, plenty of drama and a whole lotta steam.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Daddy Bod

by Margot Scott

I’m probably the biggest motherf***er you’ve ever met, in more ways than one. Most people find me intimidating, and that’s fine. I moved to the country for the solitude. But when the curvy girl of my dreams shows up on my doorstep looking for a room, I can’t turn her away. April’s not just my tenant. She’s mine. She just doesn’t know it yet.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Her Three Immortals Series Box Set 1-2: A Greek Myth Paranormal Romance Collection

by Hazel Storm

Why choose between Heaven and Hell when you can have both? And possibly a few things in between…

My brother is dying. And I’d sell my soul to save him…Enter Grey, the Don of the Underworld, who is hotter than Hell and totally to-die-for. Of course.

Not that he’s looking to make a deal with a nobody hairdresser called Vanessa Maan. But that doesn’t mean I won’t try. Because I’ll do anything for my little brother.

Even if it means a one-way ticket to the Underworld with a sexy-as-sin god who doesn’t want me.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

To Tango, with Love

by Ida Brady

A dance that fuelled their love. A past that threatened to burn it.

Mathilda Landrey is determined to restore the family bookstore to its former glory. So what if she has more debt than a small country? It’s the only thing she wants in life. That, and dancing the Argentine tango. But she’d rather stick a stiletto in her eye, than dance the lead in a tango performance group.

Thrust into the role opposite her teacher, Alejandro Garcia, Mathilda’s safe little haven suddenly becomes Nightmare on Tango Street. When disaster strikes, she is torn between saving her family legacy or creating one of her own.

A decade after an accident that ended his chances at the world title, Alejandro is intent on making this performance the biggest event on the tango calendar. His reputation and livelihood depend on its success. No matter how alluring his dance partner is, Alejandro vowed long ago never to embroil love and tango.

When love dances into their hearts, Alejandro and Mathilda must confront his demons, quell her doubts and conquer their fears. Or burn the floor trying.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Fake It For Now

by Weston Parker

Romance is messy and inconvenient. I’m interested in passion and pleasure. The rest is overrated. My image needs an uplift. A fake fiancée for a month should work. What they don’t know won’t hurt them. Luckily enough, this beautiful, curvy woman that takes the job wants something in return. Done. Valentine’s will never be the same.

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Contemporary Romance

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