Dirty Pucking Player

by Gwyn McNamee

As the first female head coach in NHL history, Greer Waterson knows she shouldn’t have reckless Sebastian Fury on her team — and he’s just as hotheaded off the ice. But she can’t ignore the way he’s melting her heart…

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Seven Gables

by Kris Kassady

Trudy has been in trouble all her life, but is now determined to stay on the right side of the law.

Luke is a drifter just out of prison.

When they meet playing pool in a roadhouse tavern, sparks fly.

But they both have histories, and Luke is on the run. . . .

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Girl of Averages

by J. A. Hailey

Mark Walters is a young man with everything. He has the looks, he has the money, and he has the Lamborghini.
As he seeks only models for girlfriends, when he becomes friends with a relatively plain young girl, he is careful to not let this girl fall in love with him. He accordingly proceeds to micromanage the relationship, in a way to keep her safe from the heartbreak of hopeless love.
But togetherness is a complex soup, and love never knocks!

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Category: Contemporary Romance