Romancing the Stone Witch

by Keri Stevens

Delia hears voices, and they love to talk dirty…

Delia Forrest’s magical power is annoying AF. Statues talk to her—everywhere, all the time. Marble satyrs flirt, cemetery angels scold, and alabaster busts spill all the family secrets. Rejected as a child for failing to keep her witchcraft under wraps, Delia hides in plain sight as a stone conservator, wielding chisel and brush to heal her friends of stone. When fire guts Delia’s childhood home, she must return to the small town of Coventry, where she finds herself at the mercy of the only man who ever touched her with kindness. But oh, how Grant Wolverton has changed.

Although he is king of an arts and antiquities empire, ruthless Grant Wolverton is a treasure hunter at heart. Before the embers are cold, Grant snatches Delia’s estate out from under her, and secretly hunts the arsonist. Delia’s veiled sensuality captivates him, even though her father is a prime suspect for the crime. Grant hires Delia so he can spy on her, and pleasures her in order to unearth her secrets.

Their ecstasy creates chaos…

The more Grant uses her body, the more he steals Delia’s heart—and feeds her wild magic. But as her gift grows, so, too, grows a dark and hungry force, one that will stop at nothing to claim the estate, enthrall Grant and destroy Delia Forrest.

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Category: Erotic Romance


by HP Mallory

Read the Happily Never After Series of dark fairy tale retellings featuring Snow White, Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, and more!

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Category: Erotic Romance

Surrender To The Cyborgs

by Grace Goodwin

It is an alien warrior’s duty to summon a human bride. Convincing her to surrender to not one, but two dominant alien lovers is a challenge Maxim is eager to accept. Even if she refuses his summons. Even if they must go to Earth to claim her.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Baby by my Best Friend’s Daddy

by Josie Hart

I caught a ride home with my best friend’s dad, and OH, did I ride.

But that silver fox left me the next morning with a hangover, and a baby in my belly.

The jerk pretended like there were no sparks between us, so I tried to get over him.

Until his gaze has my heart beating faster than his Ferrari, and I’m back in his bed again.

Now I have to risk everything and explain to my BFF a half-sister is on the way.


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Category: Contemporary Romance


Highland Games

by Evie Alexander

A fiery redhead, a Scottish god, and enough heat to warm the coldest of winters…

Zoe’s done playing it safe and ready to follow her heart. Inheriting a cabin in a remote corner of Scotland, she ditches the city and heads for the Highlands. But reality shatters her dream. The roof leaks, there’s no front door, and her scorching hot neighbor wants her gone.

Rory’s a grumpy man-bear with an impossible task. If he can’t drag Kinloch castle into the 21st century, he’s out of a job. All he wants is a quiet life in the cabin he loved as a child. But fire-cracker Zoe got there first, and she’s turning his world upside down.

Sparks fly as their attraction ignites. Will Zoe and Rory kindle an all-consuming passion, or will their love go up in smoke?

Let the games begin…

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Hollywood Games

by Evie Alexander

Rory’s found the love of his life but can he be sure Zoe feels the same? What can he offer her when his job’s on the line, and his mother’s out to destroy her? When Hollywood superstar, Brad Bauer, shows up wanting to film Braveheart 2 at Kinloch castle, it seems like the answer to all his prayers. However, there’s a catch.

Zoe’s had a crush on Brad since she was a teen. Now he’s here, hotter than ever, and convinced he was married to her in a past life. As Hollywood descends on the tiny village of Kinloch, it’s not just the castle that’s under siege.

A mystical holy man, a sexy starlet, an intense megastar and a couple pushed to the edge. Can Rory navigate the glitter storm and keep his eye on the prize, or by saving the estate, is he about to lose the best thing that’s ever happened to him?

Hollywood Games is a steamy, love conquers all, laugh-out-loud romantic comedy, wit

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