The Wren

by Kristy McCaffrey

A decade after being captured by the Comanche, Molly returns home. There, she meets Matt Ryan — a childhood friend turned Texas Ranger, who’s dedicated his life to finding justice for the girl he couldn’t protect… the girl in front of him now.

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Category: Western Romance


Carolina Waves Series Box Set #1

by Tina Gallagher

This steamy sports romance boxed set includes 3 full-length Carolina Waves novels:

On the Mend – She thinks she knows this player, but he’s full of surprises.

Waste of Handsome – He can bring the heat, but she’s a curveball he never saw coming.

Once Removed – The thing about perfect lives is that there’s only one way for them to go—downhill.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Brutal Savage

by Ana West

I was tempted by love once…and it had nearly destroyed my entire life.

Who’s to say another wouldn’t finish what the first woman started?

Cara Ryan reminds me of everything I’m not. Too perfect. Too good. Too innocent. And still the enemy. A betrayal just waiting to happen.

I know what she sees in me—a man with a broken past, a secret hidden in the darkness, a ruthless killer that would do anything to keep his family safe. And I know exactly who she is…a reminder of treachery. A woman better than me in every way. But I can break her from the inside out.

And then she’d never betray me.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


The Touch of Love

by Kyle Shoop

Can love survive the tragedies of war?

1939, POLAND: Jakob and his brother are two orphans deciding whether to join the Polish army when Europe is on the brink of WWII. But Jakob decides not to enlist the moment he meets Anna. Deciding he would rather fight for Anna’s survival than fight alongside his brother, Jakob embarks on a journey through the War, motivated by his unyielding love for Anna.

PRESENT DAY, UNITED STATES: While going thru her grandfather’s attic, Katie stumbles upon two items which thrust her on a journey of discovery. The first is her wedding dress, the sight alone stinging due to her recent separation. The second item is perplexing – a black and white photo of her grandfather during war, wearing a Nazi jacket. Katie embarks on a journey to discover his past before his future runs out. But in doing so, does her grandfather’s past love story hold the key to her own?

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Category: Historical Romance


Wolf’s Lady (Magic & Mechanicals #1)

by Jessica Marting

The only mistake Lady Adelle Thornber ever made turned into a scandal that rocked London and saw her banished to Scotland, the reluctant bride of a reclusive baron. But Lord Henry MacAulay isn’t what she was expecting: he cares deeply for his barony and for her.

As the sole heir to the Roseheath title and werewolf alpha, Henry knew that he had to take a mate someday. He just didn’t expect to find her in a disgraced noble’s daughter forced into marriage with him.

As he falls more deeply in love with Adelle, he can’t bring himself to tell her what he really is. But if he doesn’t, it may not be his werewolf nature that could tear them apart.

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Category: Fantasy Romance


Sharing Second Chances – A Reverse Harem Romance

by Krista Wolf

When a late-night booty call turns into a butterfly-inducing proposal, Jenna bites off way more than she can chew. Or does she?

Jenna’s a strong Montana girl who takes what she wants, and what she wants is one last ‘bonus night’ with her favorite ex-boyfriend. That is, until Tyler’s two sizzling best friends show up out of the blue, to potentially spoil the fun.

Only the fun’s not spoiled. In fact, it’s even multiplied during a sweat-soaked roll in the pillows and blankets before the coziest fire on the coldest of all winter nights. Tyler’s not only there to help out a girl in need, he’s even willing to share her – in every possible way – with men so hot, so incredibly gorgeous, there’s no way she can resist any of them.

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Category: Military Romance


The Violet Hour

by Brynn Chapman


Allegra Teagarden, a musical prodigy, flees her father’s dominance and abuse while touring in pre-civil war Charleston, South Carolina. Plagued by depression over her mother’s suicide during their previous visit, she escapes in an effort to piece together the details behind her mother’s mysterious demise.


Down to her final coin, Allegra happens on Charleston’s Fancy, the first southern amusement park, which is searching for musicians for its orchestra. At first, the park seems her salvation; but she quickly realizes she has traded the dominance of her father, for the even more terrifying madness of the owner, Silas.

And more secrets.

Allegra meets the dashing Brighton LeFroy, Fancy’s engineer and pyrotechnics master. His shabby clothing cannot conceal the brilliant mind beneath. The musician’s whisper he is a witch, is obsessed with storms, and is rumored…to fly. And despite the danger, despite her own misgivings, Allegra is inexplicable drawn to him.

She ventures to his reclusive home on Fire Isle during a thunderstorm and together they seek to unravel an ancient mystery.

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Category: Paranormal Romance