by Sybur Phyre

Earth has lost its battle against the Solcrue, even with the help of their finest creations: CyberTitans. The last of the human resistance is counting on Cara to rescue one specific unit: a Relic.

Amp can communicate with others throughout the galaxy with access to the galactic network tower on Hyperion. If he succeeds, there might just be hope for the rebellion. What he and Cara don’t count on is the desire between them. Humans are not allowed to love machines.

Cara: I’m just a secretary for the rebellion, not a soldier like my father or a cybersystems designer like my mother. I’m not cut out for performing jailbreaks, and definitely not of a mysterious, monster CyberTitan as the hacker model Amp. But he’s the earthlings’ only hope, and I want revenge.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance


One Night With A SEAL

by Sky Lachlan

Navy Seal Gavin’s mission gone wrong puts him at odds with his best friend’s sister, Jennifer. Gavin, now consumed by guilt, shifts his focus to a new mission where Jennifer becomes a pawn in a perilous game. As danger intensifies, a daring rescue ignites a passionate night. This is a suspenseful tale of love and redemption in the face of danger.

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Category: Military Romance


Firefighter Panther

by Brittany White

“A Witch, a Shifter and a War: My Unlikely Love Story in the Heart of Ivy Springs’ Dark Conflict. Escaping the clutches of my evil witch mother, my sister and I sought refuge in this seemingly idyllic town. Little did I know, the hot firefighter and panther shifter, Josh Campbell, would become the unexpected love of my life. As dark forces converge, our love becomes a casualty in the brutal war threatening Ivy Springs.”

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Category: Paranormal Romance