The Wren and the Swordfish Pilot

by Stella Hutchinson

Three women set sail for adventure in a man’s world. When Cathy’s twin brother is called to serve in the Royal Navy, she leaps at the chance to join the Wrens, but she longs to be at sea and prove herself – to fight alongside her brother. Her friend Linda is a motorcycle courier enjoying some freedom for the first time in her life, delivering messages from one top location to another. Rising through the ranks is Wren Officer Anne Foxton, who takes command of a ‘stone frigate’ in the traditional man’s world of the British Navy. It’s a responsible job – and for her – the opportunity of a lifetime. Then into their well-ordered world comes a young Swordfish pilot who has earned himself quite a reputation. Which one of the girls will catch his eye – and what lengths will he go to, to win her?

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Category: Historical Romance

The Elven Lord’s Concubine: Volume One

by Leona Sure

Sold to a dangerous immortal, Cera has accepted that her fate will be to share his bed and bear him an heir. But when a ritual changes her into something High Lord Isael can’t resist, Cera’s fortunes change overnight. Rather than frightening her, Isael is suddenly eager to shower her with affection and devotion. As Cera steadily gives in to the seductive fantasy he weaves, she can’t shake the feeling that she’s being spun in a sinister web.

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Category: Fantasy Romance

Love in The Time of Wormholes

by Jess K. Hardy

On this deep space pleasure cruise, love is in the recycled air. Sunny breaks her own rules about workplace romance, as her tragic past and a heartbreaking betrayal thrust her orderly life into chaos. Will she find love among the stars?

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

No Pit So Deep, The Cody Musket Story

by James Nathaniel Miller II

A Readers Favorite Bronze Medal Award Winner.
Cody is a pro athlete and former marine who carries dark military secrets. Brandi is a single-mom investigative journalist who has exposed a child-trafficking ring. Cody saves her from the syndicate, but Brandi saves Cody from himself, risking her life to save the only man she has ever loved. A story of honor, uncommon courage, and finding faith.

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Category: Inspirational Romance

No Pit So Deep, Book 2

by James Nathaniel Miller II

Cody has become an American baseball icon, but plays a more dangerous game, spearheading a secret war on child traffickers. The South American cartels become wise and retaliate by abducting 7-year-old Knoxi. Cody and Brandi lead a team of avengers to rescue her, but the resourceful girl has the traffickers right where she wants them.
“A future Christian classic! An un-put-downable-novel for ages 10 and up!”- Ashley Elizabeth Blair Tetzlaff

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