Grimoire Thief: Hero’s Gambit

by Atlas Kane

What would you sacrifice for the gift of magic? And if denied, would you steal it?

Ever since I was old enough to hold a blade, I knew I wanted to become a Magical Knight.

For years I trained, waiting for the day I would receive a grimoire of my own. But magic can neither be controlled nor predicted, and when it was my turn to take the test… I failed.

I’m Null, a person born without a core. With this, all my plans have been upended, and the future lies veiled in mystery. However, a chance encounter one evening challenges everything I’d come to believe.

As it turns out, I do possess a certain kind of magic. Powerful, rare, and a threat to the Mage Council, my newfound ability is one many would kill for. There’s just one catch…

I’ll have to become a thief in order to use it.

This Novel includes:
Epic Fantasy Setting
Interior Art
Crafting and Spells
Unconventional Relationships
Mature Language and Content

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Category: Fantasy Romance

Grimoire Thief Book 2: Wyld’s Ambition

by Atlas Kane

Every mage knows, actions have consequences. Mine may have just cost me my life.

After rescuing my father from Kalidan’s Mage Tower and eradicating the council, we sought to head to Eylsarin and seek sanctuary with the elves. But the Archon was one step ahead and caught up to us before we could flee the country.

Now I stand accused of murder, not to mention treason. A twisted kind of luck remains on my side, however, as the Archon has need of a man with my skills.

It seems the Archon knows what I am, about the abilities I possess. If I complete her task, not only will she wipe the slate clean, but will reveal the truth about why I can do what no other mage can.

Eager as I am, my task will be anything but easy.

Something strange is happening at the fringes of Arcadia, and it’s up to Alex, Syl, and me to stop it. What waits lurking in the dark is far more threatening than anticipated.

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How to Win a Duke

by Harper Bennett

Could Aunt Agatha’s duchess contest actually end in love? Duke Alistair doesn’t have much hope. But thanks to Aunt Agatha’s scheming, he has no choice but to join in — even if it means setting himself up as the prize. Elinor Hughes thinks that the very idea of a duchess contest is absurd. But when her little sister is chosen as a contestant, she’ll travel to Brookings House by her side for one reason: gaining a chance to escape an unwanted marriage is worth anything. There’s only one problem: Elinor didn’t expect the duke to have such depths, and she certainly doesn’t mean to keep winning the challenges! Can Duke Alistair and Elinor follow their hearts to find love, despite all the challenges that their histories, their families, and the other contestants will throw at them? Dive into this witty sweet romance to find out!

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Category: Historical Romance