The Master’s Child – Box Set One

by Simone Leigh

From Nothing to Having a Fierce, Loving Family

The Triad and The Couple

The Triad: Once she had nothing. Now, Charlotte is living with her two husbands: Michael, her ‘Golden Lover’, and James, her Master. And she is expecting James’ child.

The Couple: Richard Haswell, Billionaire Dom, and Beth, once the hotel maid, now his wife, and also the ‘second wife’ of Michael.

The Triad and the Couple are drawing ever closer in their polyamorous marriage.

Charlotte’s father, the trafficker, slaver and ex-mercenary, Klempner, has reached an understanding with James. He will stay away and allow them to live their own lives.

Life is close to perfect.
What could possibly go wrong?

A BDSM Ménage Erotic Thriller

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance


Stolen Moments

by Catharina Maura

A single kiss changes everything for two lifelong rivals in this best friend’s brother romance.

It was hate at first sight for Emilia and Carter. Neither remembers how their feud started — yet every day, their war intensifies.

Until one night. One unexpected kiss blurs the lines between love and hate, and their lives are forever changed.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Fighting for Someday (Someday Series #1)

by M. M. Koenig

Bri McAndrews is the envy of every girl at Chamberlain and the one every guy wants at their side. What most people don’t know is that there’s so much more to her than the picture-perfect life everyone sees on the surface. Being the daughter of a power-hungry senator has her under constant scrutiny. Even though she’s used to being in the spotlight, it’s becoming harder to meet her father’s expectations. When Trey Donovan stereotypes her as just another spoiled, rich kid, she’s more than determined to show him he’s wrong about her, and she doesn’t care about the consequences it will have for her at home.

After giving the most popular guy in school a beat down he’ll never forget, Trey Donovan becomes more than just the new, all-star quarterback at Chamberlain. He’s the bad boy from the south side every girl is dying to have on their arm. Unfazed by his new popularity, Trey isn’t about to let his guard down. But keeping everyone at a distance becomes a challenge, especially whenever Bri is nearby. She’s way out of his social stratosphere and the one girl he shouldn’t even consider pursuing.

As Bri and Trey grow closer, more than a few vengeful people have a problem with it. Can their budding new relationship survive when so many people are set on keeping them apart?

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Category: New Adult & College Romance

Waiting for Someday (Someday Series #2)

by M. M. Koenig

Danger is nothing new to Bri McAndrews. After an accident that almost took her life, Bri has to mourn the loss of a relationship that should’ve been forever. Trey Donovan broke her heart and moving on has been nearly impossible, especially when threats start piling in. Bri has an idea of who’s pulling the strings, but finding the proof is presenting to be a whole new set of problems.

The guilt of risking Bri’s life is a living entity in Trey Donovan’s gut, eating away at him with every forbidden word, touch, emotion. But that isn’t enough to keep Trey from having Bri any way he can—even if it means causing her a world of hurt in the process.

Trey will stop at nothing to keep Bri safe, but he’s already taken a gamble with her heart. When push comes to shove, will Trey and Bri rise from the ashes of everything they’ve become, or will they continue Waiting for Someday?

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The Reluctant Duke’s Dilemma

by Trisha Messmer

A doctor who begrudgingly inherits a dukedom. A widow finally free from an abusive marriage. A match made in heaven? Not when it’s his sister-in-law.
Can a scandalous affair turn into a lifetime of love?
If you like swoon-worthy heroes, uplifting humor, and heroines beating the odds, then you’ll adore this tale of tortured hearts.

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Category: Historical Romance


The Perfect Escape

by A.L. Long

Some would say that revenge is nothing more than returning the favor, but it is much more than that for me.

Reyna McCall may have been my only leverage against the man who took everything from me, but now she is much more than that.

The game has changed, so have the players, but not even that will stop me from getting her back.

My rules, my way. There is only room for one winner.

A.L. Long brings another captivating dark romance with The Perfect Escape which is Book Two in the Sinful Pleasures Series. ( It is recommended to read Book One of the Sinful Pleasures Series, The Perfect Wife)

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Stunt Doubled

by Stephanie Brother

When my career goes up in flames, I have no choice but to call my estranged father. He gets me a job on the set of a movie, but there’s a catch. The stepbrothers I never wanted to meet work there, too.

Leading man Aiden Hunt is known as much for his good looks as the high-octane movies he makes. His twin, stunt double Tanner, has the same handsome features, but he’s as kind and warm as Aiden is aloof and cocky. Their best friend, Ford, is the fight coordinator, and his incredible combat skills attract me almost as much as his muscular body.

Due to a hotel room shortage, I’m forced to stay with them at the home they share. Each man is complicated, but eventually, attraction wins out. Can the four of us make things work before filming ends or will we miss our shot at a Hollywood-style happy ending?

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Category: Contemporary Romance


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