Danger In A Dive Bar

by Lori Sjoberg

Most people get souvenirs while they’re on vacation. Ty got a mug shot…and met the woman of his dreams…

An electronics expert at Six Points Security, Ty Flint is used to danger. He just didn’t expect it while in south Florida for a little fun and sun. But a broken down car strands him in Okalatchee, a small town with dark secrets that it doesn’t want to share with a city boy.

He also didn’t expect his explosive attraction to Lola Bell, the owner of the only bar in town. With her Yankee accent and no-nonsense attitude, the sexy woman sticks out like a sore thumb…and attracts danger like a magnet. Powerful people want her gone, and they’ll do anything to make it happen. But when Ty steps in to thwart their plans, he finds himself on the wrong side of the law. Now he’ll do what it takes to keep Lola safe, but winning her love might be the toughest mission he’s ever undertaken…

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance


House of Cards

by Ainsley St Claire

I built my empire for her.
After years of planning I was ready.
I had the ring in my pocket, I was that sure.
But as the words leave her lips, “I’m engaged”… Crushed isn’t the right word.
Determined? Driven? Crazed?
Those are getting close.
But when I find out why she’s really getting married, I realize I’m going to need a different game plan.
She thinks she needs to put her family before herself.
Her safety is my priority.
My obsession.
I’m Jonathan Best and I’m determined to do whatever it takes to make her mine.

House of Cards is a standalone romantic suspense novel with a happy ending. It’s the first in the Billionaire Tech Series featuring the team members from the Venture Capitalist and Clear Security series

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Golden Orchid

by Susan Stradiotto

Divorced. Single Mother.

Words that Calli never imagined she’d use to describe herself, but today, she would sign those fateful papers and bring the words to life—her life. Her career is going well enough. With the financial arrangements in the decree, she’d be able to maintain a solid middle-class status. Her plans for the future are set…keep on keeping on. Maybe one day, her mother could accept her divorce. Maybe one day she’d be comfortable alone. Maybe one day, her life would turn out how it was supposed to be with Bennett. But for today, she’d go to happy hour and celebrate her freedom with her friends.

The variable Calli’s calculations don’t include: restaurateur, Dominic Moretti.

Food. Fitness.

The two pleasures in life that Dom thrives upon. Moretti’s, his first love, his upscale flagship restaurant in Minneapolis, has grown to one of the most in-demand venues in the Twin Cities. When he isn’t traveling for business, he enjoys overseeing the floor as his alter-ego: restaurant manager, Nic Moore. In his other foodie ventures, he operates as the better-known Dom of The Dinner Shark on Food Network. All work and very little play keep his accounts bulging at the seams, and he thoroughly enjoys a city-boy bachelor’s lifestyle.

The secret ingredient he has yet to factor into his perfect recipe: Callista Lindley.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


The Waikiki Hummer

by Shannon Stiles

Not all erotic stories are romances. Some are mysteries, some are comedies, and some are kinda romantic, but without a lot of romance. That pretty much describes this book – the adventures of TJ Rollins, AKA the Waikiki Hummer, a young, orally-fixated Honolulu woman with a fondness for dorky, middle-aged tourists. When an uncomfortable encounter with a California hoodlum leads to her accidentally coming into possession of a large amount of counterfeit twenty-dollar bills, both trouble and fun ensue as she tries to give them back without getting herself killed!

Book 1 of the ongoing seven-book series, complete (and very nasty!) stories, no cliffhangers, all books free in KU.

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Category: Erotica


A Letter to a Lady

by M. P. Harding

Kenley Alcott has fallen ill with the worst affliction that a single man of marriageable age can have: loneliness. When he thinks about attaining a wife there is really only one woman he can consider—his best friend’s older sister. Drunk and lonely, he writes her a letter proposing marriage.

Lillian has just attained the greatest victory of her life; she has convinced her family to allow her to set up her own household and abandon the marriage mart. She can plan her life whatever way she wants. She’ll get a little cottage, learn how to bake, even find a lover. One more social season, and then she can embrace the life of a spinster. She can’t wait.

Then the letter comes.

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Category: Historical Romance


Sliding Headfirst

by Kristin Lee

Fact: Fake dating can be harmful to your heart.

I didn’t become a professional athlete by chance. I command all aspects of my life. But I can’t control my feelings about my fake girlfriend—especially when she’s wearing my college t-shirt, showing off her killer legs, or being mom of the year to the coolest kid I know.

I’m a man that needs control and with her—I have none.

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Twisted Tyrant

by Kristen Luciani

She’s his enemy and his obsession.
For six months, I’ve watched every move she made.
Every curve of her body.
Every breath she took.
She was gorgeous and innocent…
…until I made her my captive.

It started as a revenge ploy,
but every forbidden touch makes me crave her more.
Her sinful body. Her venomous tongue.
The way my arousal jumps every time she resists her fate.

She’s learning quickly that her defiance will not go unpunished.
That I will be obeyed.
And I’m enjoying every moment of every lesson I teach her…

Unfortunately, even her obedience can’t save her now.
Because her hand in marriage was promised to my twin,
A man as evil and ruthless as her own father.
But he doesn’t want her like I do,
And our enemies have other plans.

So when a deadly attack makes me the new boss of the Malikov Bratva,
I’m left with a crippling decision to make.

Marry the princess and keep my possession…
…or protect my family by killing her.

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Category: Contemporary Romance