A Proposal Changes Everything

by Isabelle Grace

When bestselling author Jack Blackwood spontaneously proposes to Tess, her first reaction is laughter.
Wait, he isn’t joking? Sure, they’ve been best friends for most of their lives, but that’s just it: they’re best friends.
Could a rock-steady friendship be the perfect foundation for love… or would they be fools to risk everything?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Mango Tutt Affair

by Shannon Stiles

Samantha’s new romance – with Cade Wilson, former star of the hit TV show, Mango Tutt, P.I. – gets off to a rocky start when he disappears after being involved in a car accident. Unable to convince the police foul play is involved, Sam starts her own investigation, getting mixed results. Contains lots of humor & sex!

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Category: Erotic Romance

A Legitimate Date

by Rose Fresquez

She’s searching everywhere for the perfect date, is it possible he’s been right in front of her all along?

Kindergarten teacher Serafina Bianchi loves her students and wants children of her own, so when her boyfriend dumps her, she dives into the world of online dating. But after a few disastrous encounters, she realizes she needs a dating coach if she plans to land a husband! And who could better train her in what men want in a woman than her lifelong friend, the suave billionaire Logan Stone?

CEO Logan Stone is decisive in the boardroom, but noncommittal in relationships. With his negligent upbringing before his adoption, he’ll never have the perfect marriage his parents have, and the upcoming Stone family reunion he’s planning in their small town constantly reminds him of what he lacks.

When Serafina asks him to coach her to be the perfect date, Logan agrees, but only if she’ll help plan the reunion. Neither expects their fake dates to stir up real feelings. But maybe he’s taught her too well—now that he’s the one falling for her.

She’s seen him dump one too many women, and he’s afraid he can’t be the guy she needs. Can their friendship survive a romance?

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance

To Tango, with Love

by Ida Brady

A dance that fuelled their love. A past that threatened to burn it.

Mathilda Landrey is determined to restore the family bookstore to its former glory. So what if she has more debt than a small country? It’s the only thing she wants in life. That, and dancing the Argentine tango. But she’d rather stick a stiletto in her eye, than dance the lead in a tango performance group.

Thrust into the role opposite her teacher, Alejandro Garcia, Mathilda’s safe little haven suddenly becomes Nightmare on Tango Street. When disaster strikes, she is torn between saving her family legacy or creating one of her own.

A decade after an accident that ended his chances at the world title, Alejandro is intent on making this performance the biggest event on the tango calendar. His reputation and livelihood depend on its success. No matter how alluring his dance partner is, Alejandro vowed long ago never to embroil love and tango.

When love dances into their hearts, Alejandro and Mathilda must confront his demons, quell her doubts and conquer their fears. Or burn the floor trying.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Mark of Steel

by Lynn Landes

From singing to becoming the target of an unseen enemy…
Marina Stephenson fills in at her friend’s bar the night her singer doesn’t show up. It was supposed to be a simple gift to help, but her life is soon in turmoil. Dubbed the “Secret Singer” by the press, Marina’s life is turned upside down when she sings to Billionaire Axl Devereaux.

Inventor, Axl Devereaux, CEO of Devereaux Knives, Inc., is ready to present his cutting-edge design to the United States military. Multiple branches of the government have heralded his work. Security has been a problem in the past, not this time. The new design could change the future more than anyone can imagine. Well, almost anyone. Someone is trying to steal the prototype, but how far will they go to get what they want? Can he trust Marina?

It will take all his skill to uncover the truth in time to save his new design, protect Marina and the innocent lives caught in the crossfire.

Perfectly balancing chilling suspense and uplifting romance, award-winning author Lynn Landes delivers a story of espionage, greed, and romance.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance