Explicit Instruction

by Scarlett Finn

After walking in on an organized crime meeting by mistake, Flick is taken prisoner and relies on Rushe, alpha hero, to keep her alive.

The dirty-talking dominant pushes her boundaries.

As they grow closer, she learns rough and rude may be exactly what she needs. It’s hot and forbidden, but she can’t give him up. Their wild attraction is impossible to resist. Will it cost them their lives?

Warning: Explicit language and imagery. Ages 18 and over only.


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Category: Erotic Romance



by Laura Taylor

Crown Prince Ryu is just days away from finding his soulmate, the one person in the entire world with a soulmark that’s an exact match to his own. The only problem is that he’s already fallen in love with his alpha bodyguard – an entirely unsuitable match for a young prince. An MM omegaverse romance.

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Category: LGBT Romance


Blue Midnight

by Tess Thompson

She’s a recent divorcee looking for a fresh start. He’s a widower with a troubled past. Will solving his brother’s murder lead to a second chance at love?
In the wake of her husband’s betrayal, Blythe Heywood is forced to begin again. When she finds a slip of paper with the phone number of the man she walked away from years before, she’s compelled to follow the path not taken.

Will her journey into the unknown lead to her true destiny or will her excursion to the past jeopardize her future?

The first book in the Blue Mountain Series by USA Bestselling author Tess Thompson will have readers cheering for a set of lovable, complex characters as they explore the painful truths involved in accepting second chances and learning to love after loss.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance


K is for Kieran

by Natasha L Black

I’m a waitress with dreams of becoming a chef, but they’re on hold. Kieran, the town’s new firefighter, is tall, blonde, and ripped. When we enter a chili cook-off and start a rivalry, it turns into a steamy fling. But when a surprise pregnancy changes everything, we have to decide if we’re ready for a happily ever after.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Doctor’s Surprise Twins

by Sofia T Summers

Derek never learned he was becoming a father.
My guilt and his misconceptions made it so much harder,
And when he delivers my twins, our twins,
That one icy night seems to seal our fate forever.

I once drew hearts around his name.
We pushed the boundaries of our fine lines,
But he was my brother’s best friend—
Off-limits and out of reach.

Years later, the story hasn’t changed.
Derek is a OB-GYN at my new hospital,
As sexy and self-assured as ever,
But our stolen moments aren’t just a PR nightmare.

My heart isn’t the only one I need to protect,
And I refuse to be a pawn in a lovers’ game.
No matter what he says or does,
Life won’t wait for him to realize the truth.

How did our story end up like this?
Did I fool myself into hoping for a better ending,
Or will those tempting amber eyes finally see
That we are worth fighting for?

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Category: Contemporary Romance


The Beast’s Captive: A Dark Mafia Romance

by Aria R. Blue

She might be an angel, but I’m the devil.

I spent twenty-five years in prison plotting out my vengeance. When I escape, I steal my enemy’s daughter. She’ll be my pretty captive. Mine to use. Mine to break. But she’s not what I expected. Not at all.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Mr Bossy Billionaire

by Jacob Parker

As a single dad, my little girl means the world to me. Hence the putting up with ballerina stuff. It hasn’t been easy. Until I meet her sexy dance teacher. I’m all about embracing her and all her curves. As a father, it’s my job to protect my daughter. But as a man? This teacher has me lying awake at night.

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Category: Contemporary Romance