RISE OF THE ILIRI – Books 1-3: A Reverse Harem Epic Fantasy Series

by Auryn Hadley

Rise of the Iliri series is an epic tale of one extraordinary woman’s quest for justice, hope, and love. One part reverse harem sci fi fantasy, one part irresistible paranormal romance in an exotic and dangerous post-apocalyptic world. Author Auryn Hadley deftly blends adventure with the age-old struggle between good and evil, hatred and love.

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Category: Fantasy Romance

The Cursed Prince

by Teresa Roman

Beaver Falls, New York. Rustic. Charming. Bewitched. Local legend claims that the town was settled hundreds of years ago by a coven of witches. Discounting stories of myth and the supernatural, sensible Willow has never been one to believe in, much less dabble in, magic. When she receives an unexpected invitation to a gathering hosted by the mysterious Korzha brothers at their castle, Willow accepts. There Willow learns of a terrible family secret and discovers that things are not always what they seem. Can Willow accept a truth she never believed and develop her gifts to keep an innocent soul from perpetual torment? Can she save the cursed prince?

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Broken Days

by Emma Sebastian

Unlikely killer. Unlikely victim.

She’s a survivor of horrendous tragedy. It’s why she has no one to stand up for her when the state takes control of her life as a child. It’s why she hasn’t had a single visitor in the psychiatric facility. Then a doctor who is doing research into drug-related crimes, takes an interest in her. It’s for no other reason than to study her case, but if that’s what it takes to gain her freedom—even if it’s still supervised, she doesn’t mind.

What she minds is that once outside and trying to re-connect with life as a young adult, she finds herself slipping into the same kind of trap that saw her father wipe out her entire family and then turn the weapon on himself.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance


by Maryann Jordan

Former SEAL and CIA Op, John “Rank” Rankin, did not mind playing hard, but when it came to missions, he prided himself on always delivering. When the Feds ask for assistance in investigating the possible link between a US Senator and a member of the Russian mafia, Rank volunteers for the job. Perfect planning goes awry when a woman stumbles into the middle of his meeting with a witness.

Helena Jernigan, a charity coordinator, had no idea what she was getting into when she tried to slip out of the back of the restaurant to escape the unwanted attention of a dinner companion. Now, thrust into the middle of an investigation, her offers to help are met with resistance.

As Rank needs Helena’s information, he realizes she may be in danger, but keeping her safe is no longer just part of the mission.

Hearts become involved and the one-time player gives it all for the woman he loves.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Dad’s Best Friend

by Miley Maine

I thought I was immune to men. I thought they were more trouble than they were worth. Until I met Noah.

Dad is the only family I have.
But to pay for college, I work non-stop at a miserable waitressing job
And now I have a new opportunity
Working for dad’s best friend.
Noah’s a veteran. A good guy but a really bad boyfriend.
How does it matter? I don’t care about men. Or dating.
But that was before I met Noah.
A gorgeous temptation I didn’t expect.
The attraction is mutual, the chemistry explosive.
Secrets pop up and Noah’s on the run.
I’m not letting him run alone.
I’m not letting anyone ruin my happily ever after.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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