Vicious Scars

by Jane Blythe

Tallulah Russel knows she’s made a mistake. Unfortunately it’s too late to do anything about it. Snatched from her home and held prisoner in a cabin by a man whose behavior grows more confusing by the minute, she has two choices. She can escape the second she gets an opportunity, or she can put her trust in her kidnapper when he tells her he’s the only thing standing between her and certain death.

Gabriel “Tank” Dawson didn’t want this job. Now when his team needs him, he wants to be there for him, but this case has been ranked as high priority. Falling for the target shouldn’t be an option. But he can’t seem to help himself. Every second he spends with Tallulah he grows more captivated by her. Too bad the second she learns he’s been lying to her from the beginning she’ll hate him.

What should have been a simple plan goes to hell and its Tallulah who will end up paying the price.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

In the Off Season

by Hayleigh Sol

A former tennis pro with one last winter to chase the dream she thought she’d given up. The new coach who can get her there—if she can forget about his sad eyes and her ridiculous need to make him smile.

I’ve loved tennis since I could wrap my hand around a racket and, for a while, my dream of a career Grand Slam—that’s winning each of the big four tournaments for the non-tennis-obsessed—was within reach.
An injury in the middle of the French Open killed that dream. So, I did what any perpetual optimist would and embraced a different future—the one my parents had always expected of me.
Until an old tennis rival issues a challenge I can’t refuse. If I have any hope of defending my name, I’ve got one chance to give my all to my first love.
I just have to focus on my game. And not on my handsome new coach, who’s full of opinions and advice, impossible to read, and harder to resist.

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Category: Romantic Comedy

Dive in Deep

by Ali Parker

Tall, dark, and gorgeous with cobalt-blue eyes. Just my type. It doesn’t hurt that he’s the billionaire owner of the resort we’re staying at. It’s our last girls’ weekend before my friends, and I go our separate ways, and it’s going to happen with a bang. Literally. Hopefully. It would be a first. No way I’m letting this one go. Not a chance.

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Category: Contemporary Romance