Wild Card

by Sophie Austin

She’s wild, in all the best ways.
Catriona Carney is a socialite.
A beautiful, sassy influencer who’s not afraid of anything
Even though she should be.
She’s part of the mob family that killed my parents
And stole their livelihood.
She also happens to be my uncle’s hostage.
He’s always getting into trouble with the mafia.
But this time, stealing the princess doesn’t quite work out.
For starters, I’m falling in love with her.
Second, her father doesn’t want her back.
In the end I’ll have to go to my sworn enemies for help.
Because Catriona holds the ransom on my heart,
And I’ll pay any price to save her.

Wild Card is a standalone book in a hot new dark mafia series – The Carneys – written by bestselling author Sophie Austin. Escape into the high drama, action-packed and dark mafia world of Boston’s richest crime family.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Pour Attitude

by P.J. DeVere

Madeline Everly wants to climb her muscular bartender like a mountain, but he seems opposed to the idea. If she can check him off her to-do list, maybe he won’t take up so much room in her head. Can she have the adventure she wants and the pleasure she craves, all from the same man?

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Special Forces: Bear Shifter Mate

by Jade Alters

Special Forces Jace Branton admired Julie from afar for years. But after a routine mail stop turns deadly, Jace is forced to reveal his true nature. Battling a raging blizzard, the two fight to survive in extreme conditions with their enemies hot on their trail. As their connection deepens, Jace realizes he must show his human mate he’ll do anything to build a life with her. Desperate, he turns the tables from hunted to hunter. If he survives the fight, will Julie accept a bear as her mate?

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Category: Paranormal Romance


The Reluctant Wolf and His Fated Mate

by Lisa Carlisle

Mates were trouble. That’s why Damon would never commit to one.
Even if the temptation is strong…

Sophie escapes to the White Mountains with her friend for a ski weekend. When she skis off trail and gets lost in the mountains, she stumbles into the path of a wolf. Only it’s bigger than any she ever thought existed, and it’s baring its fangs at her…

Damon has refused to ever find a mate after his father went mad. When Damon meets a woman his wolf recognizes as the one, the call is more difficult to ignore. And when he catches her scent on the mountain, he can’t fight it any longer. He tracks her through the forest to ensure she’s safe.

Only Sophie has stepped into another pack’s territory.

If Damon crosses the boundary, he’ll break the treaty between their packs.

Mates–not just trouble. They could lead a shifter to his death…

Fated mates and forbidden love. Escape into the magic of the White Mountains with the Franconia shifters.

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Category: Paranormal Romance


Nikolai: A Mafia Prince Romance

by Shandi Boyes

When opposing sides of the law collide, it isn’t just the rules being broken

Justine Walsh dreamed about being an architect when she was a child, but when her brother was served a life sentence for murder, her plans altered. Now she’s a first-year intern at the best defense firm in the country. She’s seeking help from the right side of the law, so the last place she expects to find it is in a man who’s far from lawful.

Nikolai Popov was raised in a criminal entity that’s as bigoted as it is violent. He’s lived a hard and fast life which often sees him facing a line-up, yet he’s not spent one night behind bars.

After a mix-up with Nikolai’s home arrest documentation, Justine is thrust into the dark and dangerous world of the Russian mafia. Will she survive a second tightrope walk with a mafia prince, or is this one adventure no amount of smarts will see her win?

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Alpha’s Revenge: A Werewolf Shifter Romance (Royal Alphas Wolves Club #3)

by Catherine Stine

Alpha’s Revenge is Wayland & Stormy’s tale. A heartbroken, furious alpha, a forbidden childhood crush revisited. A very strange revenge! Will karmic justice destroy them both? Steamy shared world – read books in any order! “Sexy romance full of shifters, witches, revenge… with very imaginative spells flying around. Twists keep you guessing to the end!”

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Category: Paranormal Romance


Beautiful March

by Christy Pastore

Getting dumped sucks. Getting dumped by your boyfriend days before your best friend’s wedding? It doesn’t get much worse.

Did I mention that the guy who cut me loose was country music’s number one rising star?

And my client.

I thought I was walking into a proposal. Instead, I crashed right into humiliation—dumped and fired.

The silver lining? In a restaurant, there’s plenty of wine to drown my feelings.

In strolls Tyler Nichols, the restaurant owner. He’s charming, handsome and does a good job of trying to make me feel better. A really good job. Sharing my heartbreak with a beautiful stranger is the last thing that I expected.

Turns out, Tyler Nichols is my ex’s best friend. And according to the local gossips—mainly my cousin—he’s got a mysterious past.

No worries, I’m the gal with everything going for her—great job, fabulous apartment and a glamorous life half way across the country in sunny Los Angeles—far away from my hometown and my family’s bourbon empire. I’ll be leaving after the weekend wedding festivities.

That is until my best friend, Sage, finds herself in a jam and needs my help before jetting off on her honeymoon.

So, I’m staying in Mayfield a little longer than anticipated. In just a few short weeks, I’ll march my happy ass back to the West Coast, far away from Tyler’s smoldering gaze and his panty-melting smile. And the chemistry between us that burns hotter than a hickory stump.

But the longer I’m in town, the harder it is to stay away from him. And maybe I don’t want to.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


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