Nightmares of Caitlin Lockyer

by Demelza Carlton

I saved her life. They said I was a hero. But they didn’t know the whole story…
And if anyone finds out, she’s the one who’ll pay with her life.
Caitlin’s nightmares hold the key to finding my sister’s killer.
But the more of her dark secrets I uncover, the deeper I fall.
In love with the girl who should be forbidden.
How can I keep her safe…when the greatest danger to her is me?

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance


Revived and Rutted

by VT Bonds

When evil scientists turn me into an omega and a massive, reptilian alpha insists he’s my fated mate, I fight. Except, he’s much bigger and stronger than I am.
He’ll claim me, no matter what it takes.
*This story is a dark, action-packed Omegaverse romance set in a world where violence and explicit situations occur.*

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Category: Paranormal Romance


Any Fin For Love

by Petie McCarty

Might be time to kiss or cut bait . . .

Cody Ryan’s father never missed fishing the annual Loon Lake tournament until his unexpected passing. So this year, Cody packs up her how-to fishing videos and her dad’s old johnboat and gives him one final entry.

Gage Connor needs some R&R away from his coast guard deployment catching drug smugglers along the Louisiana coast, so he borrows a bass boat from his buddy and heads to Loon, Alabama to do some fishing.

When Gage and Cody meet at Loon Lake, their attraction is immediate and intense—until the two discover there is only one boat slip left on the lake and they both need it, and there’s only one vacant hotel room left in Loon and they both want it. Thus, their competition begins. Both vow to keep their distance from the other to fight the temptation, but fate has other plans. The tournament pairing party picks the two-man teams and chooses Gage as Cody’s partner.

What’s a girl to do?
Stuck on a boat.
For two days.
Alone with an alpha hottie.
Working as a team.

She’ll just have to bait and see . . .

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Vibration: An Accidental Roommates Romance

by Lainey Davis

To take a break from his overachieving family, Cal Brady answers an online ad for a roommate — but he has no idea Logan Miller is a woman! He and Logan are total opposites… so why can’t they deny their attraction? From a laugh-out-loud series featuring the Brady family!

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Category: Romantic Comedy


Dangerous Talents

by Frankie Robertson

“A great tale of adventure and romance!” ~Diana Gabaldon.
Thrust into a world of myth, a modern woman confronts Viking warriors, magic, and murder. On the verge of war, Lord Dahleven finds a strange woman wandering alone in the desert, and must decide if she is friend or foe, and whether he should kiss her, or kill her.

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Category: Time Travel Romance


The Boss’s Secret

by Lydia Hall

I should’ve known that a one-night stand with the hottest man in the room would come back to haunt me later.
Years later…

I had put the night behind me – or so I thought.
Maxim had a way of making me swoon for him at that party where I first met him.
His arrogance worked in his favor and I fell right into his arms when he pulled me toward him.
The memory of his rough touch came rushing back when I saw him again – this time at a job interview.

Maxim was about to be my new boss.
It was nothing I couldn’t handle… at least, that’s what it looked like on the surface.
Turns out, I didn’t know the first thing about Maxim Mikhailov.

It was only after I fell into his bed again that I realized how dangerous his life was.
Did I like the thrill? Maybe.
But did I also want to stay alive? Definitely.

It wasn’t just my own life that was on the line anymore.
I was carrying Maxim’s baby, and he would have to make a decision that had the power to shatter his existence to the core.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Daddy’s Obsession

by K.C. Crowne

“Protect my daughter.”

Not what I expected from an old friend.
But when I locked eyes with her, there was no turning back.

Raquel was special.
A magnetic sensual beauty.
And the strength of a lioness.

The loss of my wife left my little girl and I empty.
Now Raquel is proof that even a monster can escape his own darkness.

But someone’s after her.
He’s a feared predator,
But I’m his worst f*cking nightmare.

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Category: Contemporary Romance