Payback and a Bottle of Merlot

by Bria Marche

Mia James almost has it all…
At thirty, she is a successful photographer with the craziest friends in the world, living in a picturesque village. The only things missing are a husband and kids.
An appointment to show her photography portfolio brings her front and center with Jack Barnes, a successful Manhattan businessman. Mia is smitten, and they marry less than a year later. Unfortunately, the marital bliss never shows up. Jack, the absentee husband, has a secret: someone else is occupying his mind and bed.
Mia has no idea until a chance sighting reveals Jack with his mystery woman.
Payback is definitely in order and way overdue. With help from her friends and a lot of Merlot, Mia needs to take Jack down.
Hilarious speed bumps, hiccups, and crazy calamities along the way turns Mia’s ridiculous plot for payback into a chance for unexpected friendships and real love.

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Category: Romantic Comedy


Hidden Angel

by Tamar Sloan

Angels and demons have battled for millennia. Their inevitable war has begun. An edgy, epic new adult romance for fans of the Fallen Saga and the Hush, Hush series. Lose yourself in the paranormal heaven that is Hidden Angel today!

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Category: Paranormal Romance


Justifying Jamie

by Anna Brooks

The first time I heard his cheesy pick-up line, he made me laugh. The next night, I fell madly in love. Then he shattered my world without speaking a word, leaving me with an empty heart and a hollow soul.

Still, I tried to fix what was broken, only to be humiliated beyond repair. I couldn’t believe the same man who promised me heaven so ruthlessly put me through hell with lips that once worshipped me.

I thought that was the end of us, but then a life-altering discovery threatened more than just me, and the least likely man to stand at my side was the one who refused to leave it.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Regretting Gabriel

by Anna Brooks

He was the bad boy of rock-n-roll; cocky, short-tempered, and the sexiest man I’d ever seen. I was just a librarian in a small town. He had no clue who I was, but I knew everything about him. After all, he was the reason I moved across the country.

I never thought he’d know my name, let alone whisper it while he held me tight and made me forget about the agony of my past. He was my protector, my reason, my calm before the storm… but nothing good lasts forever, and Gabriel Hunter was no exception.

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Into the Fire

by JH Croix

Hotshot firefighters, smokin’ hot heroes & smart, sassy heroines! Dive into 4 full-length swoon-worthy small town romances in this collection from USA Today Bestselling Author J.H. Croix!

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Protecting the Nanny

by Kai Lesy

I was supposed to be the nanny… not play with the daddy.

Jason isn’t your typical rich guy.
Tatted. Tall. Abs like granite.
And a smile so delicious I can feel myself melting under his gaze.

Our time together is passionate.
Our growing love is unstoppable.

But he runs with the wrong crowd.
I would know.
The people that want him dead hired me.
Said they’d kill my brother if I didn’t help them.
Said no harm would come to Jason’s little girl.

So when little Willa and I get kidnapped…
All hell’s about to break loose.
Jason will protect what’s his.
Even if it’s the last thing he ever does.

But will he still love me when it’s over?

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Category: Contemporary Romance


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