Lying in Ruins

by Jami Gray

In a world gone to hell, better to choose the devil you know…

On a mission to retrieve a kidnapped child, a woman skilled in secrecy crosses paths with a nomadic vigilante bent on revenge. Despite the unlikely pair’s mutual distrust, they join forces to survive the predators picking through the desiccated remains of civilization.

Now it’s a race to see what will destroy Ruin and Charity first—their suspicions or their enemies?

Get your copy of Jami Gray’s darkly thrilling, post-apocalyptic romance series first to find out.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

The Irish Cottage: Finding Elizabeth

by Juliet Gauvin

Elizabeth Lara trades in her workaholic, San Francisco attorney life, for a cottage in Ireland . . . and Irishman, Connor Bannon, in this enticing romance trilogy involving a well-kept secret, a box of letters, and an epic love story.

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Category: Holidays Romance

Our Fae Queen RH Box Set (Books 1-3)

by Traci Lovelot

90% off! Binge read the first 3 books of the complete Our Fae Queen series. To save the fae and their magic, the royal guard will do anything to find their lost queen. There’s just one problem… she doesn’t even know she’s not human. Meet all 5 of her fae consorts in this steamy reverse harem box set.

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Category: Fantasy Romance

Scandals of an Earl’s Daughter

by Samantha Holt

The quietest Musgrave sister finds herself embroiled in a scandal and married to a stranger. But will her dark rescuer’s secrets make things even worse for the both of them?

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Category: Historical Romance

Finding Starlight

by Shannon Nikole

A woman looking to escape her past.
A man returning to his roots.
And someone just beneath the surface, watching their every move…

Quimby Grove, Pennsylvania is the perfect place for a fresh start. After leaving her old life behind, Ellawyn Calloway is finally able to breathe a little easier. She spends all her time at Starlight Books, a quaint bookstore café, and develops a friendship with the elderly shop owner, Benji.

But everything changes when Benji requests that his grandson, Beckett Walden, return to Quimby Grove for a visit. When Ellawyn learns of a devastating threat to Starlight Books, she doesn’t think twice, offering to help Beckett run the store.

Ellawyn finds herself letting her guard down piece by piece. But as those walls fade away, an unwanted presence finds a way to slip through the cracks and into Ellawyn’s life. With a stalker on the prowl, Ellawyn is in more danger than she ever imagined.

Through tragedy, Ellawyn and Beckett begin to find love within each other, both oblivious to the real danger that is lurking in the shadows, desperate to get Ellawyn alone.

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Category: Contemporary Romance