A Cowboy’s Kiss

by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Saving the day is where sexy cowboy Luke Bennett shines. Whether it’s a stray dog in a snowstorm or a business going under, he’s the one to call. But can he rescue Abigail Summers from bankruptcy?

She bakes like an angel, but her cardboard box stuffed with a year’s worth of receipts threatens financial ruin. Fixing the mess without losing the girl seems impossible. Then again, Luke has a 4-footed ally named Delilah.

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Category: Western Romance


by Claudia Burgoa

There’s nothing they can do for me.

No matter what I tell them, what I do or whom I talk to, my woman is gone, my kid is dead, my career is over and the only family that loved me now despises me.

I was once the nation’s biggest musical sensation. An International heartthrob. Now, I’m a skeleton of a life I once lived.

Porter Kendrick: the man, the myth, the legend.

A fallen branch of the Colthurst-Decker dynasty.

The demons of my past haunt me. Do I have the strength and willpower to put them to rest? Can anyone really have it all?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Giving In to Love

by Ajme Williams

He’s my boss.
Okay, he’s my enemy at best.

A friend with benefits?

Except that yes, I agreed to that arrangement and I totally have my dying brain cells to blame for it.

Hunter and I don’t agree on anything.
Except for the way his hands feel around my waist.
Him and I both know that he’s got more than lust for me in his heart.
If he even has a heart.
I don’t know if he does.
But I do know that he has secrets.
Secrets and scandals that a person like me wouldn’t know how to deal with.
It’s all well and good until the skeletons are still hidden in his closet.
But what happens when they come out and the entire office finds them?

Note to reader: This series can easily be enjoyed out of order.
Giving in to Love can be read as a standalone novel. It is the second book in a series that follows four brothers. Dive into this friends with benefits romance filled with so much emotion and forbidden heat, and a happily ever after sure to make you swoon. This is Hunter’s story.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Against All Odds

by Kelly Myers

Do I want to date Michael? Yes.
Do I want to go against all rules? No.

I live by the three Zoe Hamilton rules.

#1: Never sleep with a co-worker.
#2: Never put my job in jeopardy.
#3: Never crush on douchebags.

Being with Michael will squash each one of these rules.
It will destroy my career, my life, my heart.
And for what?
He’s so headstrong.
Always wants to be in control.
Well, he won’t control me.
Not until I have this brilliant brain inside my head.
One that shuts off the second his gorgeous eyes meet mine.

I’m done turning into a mushy little girl.
I’m done being reckless.
But I’m also done trying to forget how special Michael makes me feel.

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Category: Romantic Comedy

Forever Friend Zoned

by C. Morgan

Once the fat kid, but now a personal trainer. I took all of that crap from the past and turned it into a goldmine. My body, namely. And there’s one girl I want that rejected me over and over. That’s right. Me. The forever friend-zoned guy. But I have no ill will toward my curvy first love.
I only want what’s best for her. Namely, me. *wink* So the game begins.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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