Mistletoe Madness: A Sweet Small Town Romance

by Leeanna Morgan

Kylie loves everything about Christmas. When her friends ask her to organize the biggest fundraising Christmas party Sapphire Bay has ever seen, the florist inside of her is itching to get started. But that means talking to Ben Thompson, the closest thing to the Christmas Grinch she’s ever met.

Ben owns the only Christmas tree farm in Sapphire Bay, but that doesn’t mean he’s full of the Christmas spirit. He came to Montana searching for peace and quiet, but pesky Kylie Bryant, with her addiction to all things Christmasy, is driving him insane.

When Kylie helps him save his business, everything about her begins to make sense. She’s getting under Ben’s skin and making him feel alive. But a letter from his lawyer changes everything. Will a secret from Ben’s past tear them apart or will they finally get everything they’ve ever wanted?

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance



by Eva Kent

After years in a forced marriage to the alpha of the Moon Falls pack, I escaped with my life—but barely. Now I’m broke, on the run, and being hunted. I end up in Penfell Heights, a tiny fishing town with suspicious townsfolk and protected by a motorcycle club made up of bear shifters called the Blood Brotherhood.

Flint, the club alpha, seems willing to offer me that same protection. Why, I don’t know exactly. I’m not looking for love, or anything else. It doesn’t matter if Flint’s handsome face and huge—muscles make me feel things I’ve never felt before, or if he calls to me in a way that not even my wolf alpha ever could.

I’m on the run. Penfell Heights is supposed to be a stop on the way, not my forever. But fate might have different ideas. And when my past catches up to me, it might be Flint who turns out to be my savior, after all.

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Category: Paranormal Romance


Chosen By The Alien Warrior

by Skyla Stone

When I signed up for the Ixonian tribute program, it was for one reason and one reason only—financial need…and maybe a little bit of an exploration bug. It definitely wasn’t to find love, and after all, that’s what we were promised. No love. No emotional attachments. Just celibate alien soldiers in need of temporary companionship—and we don’t even have to provide that, if we don’t want to.

My alien soldier, Cassian, is everything I could have asked for—kind, accommodating, and respectful—even if he does have scales and horns. But he’s also gorgeous, and as the days pass and we get to know one another better, I start to wonder if my own self-imposed celibacy is the right choice.

It could be fun, right? I came to Ixion for a new experience, after all. A fling with a handsome alien soldier certainly falls in that category. It definitely can’t lead to love—or to a revolution.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance


The Mistletoe Game

by Ellis O. Day

It’s Christmas Eve at La Petite Mort Club and it’s almost time to play The Mistletoe Game.

Adrian is prowling the Club when he notices the saddest woman he’d ever seen. She looks like her world has ended. He’s just the guy to cheer her up. He’s rich, attractive and charming.

Unfortunately, Ellie finds him annoying, arrogant, and too alpha. She’s done with alpha males who can’t keep it in their pants and wouldn’t know the meaning of the word faithful if they were reading it in the dictionary.

But when Ellie’s cheating ex calls her cold, the only way to prove him wrong is to play The Mistletoe Game with Adrian.

How bad can it be?
They’re in public. It’s a game. Probably, a few kisses under the mistletoe, except this is La Petite Mort Club and nothing is as innocent as just a kiss.

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Cocky Jock Wolf

by Aidy Award

Nerdy, chubby girls don’t date quarterbacks… or werewolves.

I just want one night off of being the all-star golden boy that the whole world, including my pack, expects great things from. Is it too much to ask to go watch my favorite horror movies and eat popcorn?
Apparently it is.
I just might get my chance if this cute AF nerdy book girl at the bar plays defense for me. As long as I don’t let my wolf get a whiff of her ripe delicious scent. The last thing I need to add onto my plate is a fated mate.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Bad Boy Wolf

by Aidy Award

The bad boy never can resist the good girl~
The second the shy curvy girl walked into the bar, I knew I wasn’t her type. She’s a bookworm, nose stuck firmly in her laptop, and I’m the football team’s bad boy. A motorcycle-riding bartender with a dirty past as the son of a lone wolf.
But when she asks me for dating lessons, I’m going to do everything I can to teach her exactly how opposites attract.
Until my past shows up to destroy the one good thing fate ever did for me.

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Winter Break Away

by Hayleigh Sol

Wake me up in January when the holidays are over.
December has always been my time to get away, get the hell outta town, escape.

Being a travel writer, chasing one extreme adventure to the next, provides plenty of opportunities to do just that. Until my new assignment—one that could catapult my career to the next level—sends me to the one place I’ve avoided my entire adult life. Switzerland.

Nothing against the land of chocolate and cheese. In fact, maybe this trip won’t be so bad…especially when the guide for my ice climbing and heliskiing tour group turns out to be a ruggedly appealing mountain man. Er, mountaineer.

Too bad he’d rather offer me safety lectures than, well, something a thousand times more satisfying for us both. Getting him to chill out and me to rein in my reckless side is gonna take a Holiday Miracle.

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Category: Holidays Romance