The Heights of Perdition

by C. S. Johnson

There is nothing Aeris St. Cloud wants more than to win her father’s love and the acceptance of her family unit by joining the Military Academy at New Hope. But after she is captured by the fearsome space pirate, Captain Chainsword, Aerie is certain falling in love with her nation’s arch enemy is the last possible way to earn their coveted esteem.

Driven by vengeance, Exton Shepherd never set out to save anyone. As he circles the war-torn world in his pirated starship, the Perdition, he only sees his father’s ghost lurking around every corner and the looming darkness on the horizon. When Aerie unexpectedly tumbles into his life, he finds he cannot trust her, anymore than he can ignore her. But just like the raging war down on Earth, it’s tempting to think he can …

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance

Cross My Heart

by Avery Maxwell

Becoming a nanny was not part of my plan, but when tragedy strikes, I need a new beginning.

I’ve given up on the idea of love, so living with a stranger shouldn’t be a problem. My past broke me beyond repair, and I’ve learned to accept that. What I’m not prepared for is my new boss to be the unbearably sexy single dad, Dexter Cross. He exudes a confidence I’ve never known and brings out a sass I didn’t know I had.

Teasing him comes naturally, but the more time I spend with him and his children, the harder I fear it will be to leave. And I must leave.

I promised him one year, but all too quickly Dex sets his eyes and heart on me. He thinks I can choose them and stay, but he doesn’t understand my kind of damaged. My scars run deep, but apparently so does his determination.

With the help of his chosen family, he sets out to make me his, one grand gesture at a time.

But the question remains: Am I strong enough to let go of my past? Or are some hearts too broken to heal, even for Dexter Cross?

A page-turning emotional rollercoaster; can Lanie learn to accept love?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

My Dad’s Billionaire Best-Friend

by Lexie Miers

A hot older guy. A girl to need him.

When I met Axel, he was just a super hot, super rich guy that I wanted to kiss.
Now I know the truth, and he’s my dad’s best-friend.
I have to stop seeing him, this sort of relationship is totally forbidden.
But I can’t stop thinking about him.
As long as my Dad doesn’t find out, everything should be okay… right?
Coz I’ve gotta have him.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Love at 20,000 Leagues

by Lizzy Gayle

Paradise Atlantis: The underwater, high tech vacation destination where utopia awaits.

Not for Sam. Not only is she deathly afraid of being submerged under millions of tons of ocean water, she’s stuck for an entire month with the people she blames for her family falling apart. Even with the unexpected attention of two sexy men, including her longtime celebrity infatuation, Sam is sure the trip will be a nightmare.

A type of pressure sickness she was unprepared for hits Sam hard, causing both lowered inhibitions and blackouts. When she gives in to her desires, a passionate romance blossoms.
Unfortunately, even this steamy new relationship can’t salvage the trip when a saboteur uses the AI to commit murder – murder timed perfectly with Sam’s mysterious blackouts.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Wounded Inked

by Sky McCoy

“How can I explain this? There’s really no explanation for the way I feel. It’s beyond me. Maybe it happened on my last tour of duty, where I was wounded in the leg, spent months in the VA hospital with nothing but therapy, and reading love letters to pass the time, or to keep me sane.
The letters weren’t from my wife, but an admirer. I hadn’t heard from my wife in months. I think her last note informed me that she’d moved on, taking our dog with her, and was filing for a divorce. I guess she couldn’t handle a damaged man without a job, with little or no income, and coming home.
Now it was time for me to accept that I was a broken man. I’d lost my identity, because I was a soldier, a leader of men, and all I had now were these few love letters from a strange woman to give me comfort.
Could this woman be as broken as I was? What would it take to make me whole—two broken pieces coming together?”

What would happen when Tony fell in love, because of a few letters, texts, and emails, only to discover that the person behind the letters wasn’t who he imagined?
The “Wounded Inked” 3 book series contain hurt/ comfort, straight to gay, and fake boyfriend with HFN, and HEA in the final book.

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Category: LGBT Romance

The Cowboy and His Valentine

by Kaci Rose

He kissed me on New Years’ and turned my world upside down in more ways than one.

Then he wants to keep me at arm’s length saying he has to put together the Sweethearts Dance and doesn’t have time.

But he won’t let any other man near me either.

I’m getting whiplash from his moods.

It’s time to put my foot down once and for all.

Only that completely backfired on me.

He plans to be my Valentine this year. No. Matter. What.

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Category: Western Romance

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