Loving the Boss

by Agnes Canestri

I’m in desperate need of a new beginning. Preferably one that’s far, far away from my cheating ex.

So when I get a job offer in a luxury resort on a remote tropical island, I don’t hesitate for a second.

The idea of being surrounded by deep waters might terrorize me, but this adventure will be exactly what I need—a fresh start and a chance at a heartache-free life.

The only unexpected snag in my bold plan?

My new, grumpy (and oh-so-handsome) boss.

Matteo firmly believes women complicate life. I know that trusting a man with my heart again can easily hurt me. So keeping things simply business between us should be fairly easy.

Except…it isn’t.

Loving the Boss is a clean and wholesome contemporary boss/employee romance with a guaranteed and oh-so-swoony happily-ever-after. It’s book one in the Gems of Love series.

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance


Having the Cowboy’s Baby

by Vicki Lewis Thompson

The laugh’s on him…

Fun-loving cowboy Beau McLintock is floored when ex-girlfriend Jess Hartmann announces she’s pregnant. He’s the life of the party, not a father figure. He has a joke to fit every occasion. But there’s nothing funny about this.

Although Jess feels honor-bound to inform Beau, he’s the last person she’d choose to be her baby-daddy. He’s not cut out to be a family man. He made that clear two months ago and she broke up with him. Yet now he’s singing a different tune. And turning up the heat.

With her baby’s future at stake, can she trust his change of heart?

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance


Just for Kicks

by Tracy Solheim

The Proposal meets Outlander in this fun, flirty romantic comedy. A Scottish place-kicker facing deportation agrees to a fake marriage with a woman who’s facing a mountain of debt her deadbeat boyfriend amassed in her name. A grumpy cat, nosy teammates, and a sizzling sexual attraction make their marriage of convenience anything but convenient.

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Category: Sports Romance


The Vegas Accident

by Sofia T Summers

It’s hard to keep an accidental marriage a secret when you end up pregnant.

Yes, we were stupid in Vegas.
But the stupidity didn’t just end there.
It continued after the trip was over and Luke became my temporary roommate.

Luke… as in my brother’s best friend.
As in my new husband.
My accidental husband.
Did I say baby daddy yet?

Luke is way older than me.
Basically, he’s everything he shouldn’t be.
And I’m everything I shouldn’t be either — for example, pregnant.
Luke might be the man of my dreams.
But not every dream comes true.
Especially if it’s packaged with an accidental ring and an accidental baby.

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Category: Erotic Romance


The Necklace – The Dusky Club, June 1962

by Linda S Rice

A spicy time-travel romance with two characters you will fall in love with in their attempt to remain together and change history. Meet arrogant and bossy James, an up-and-coming musician, and Susan, the independent, stubborn, and impulsive girl from the future who captures his heart. When her magical necklace binds them together for life, their struggle to get along, brings humor, suspense, drama, betrayal, and many hot moments. Will there ever be an HEA for this fiery couple who just can’t seem to get along anywhere other than the bedroom? Book #1 of an 8-book series with an unforgettable couple will keep you entertained for hours.

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Category: Time Travel Romance

The Necklace II – Brighton, November 1962

by Linda S Rice

It’s been five months since Susan returned from her short journey into the past. The love affair that ensued between James and Susan was tempestuous and stormy. But she cannot forget him and doesn’t understand why. When she contacts the lady from Haiti who sent her back, she discovers that the silver ballerina necklace she left in the past with him, has magical powers binding them together and the only way to break it is to once again go back into the past and retrieve it. At midnight on a cold November evening, Susan is again transported back in time to November 1962, where she falls into another torrid relationship with James. But will she be able to get her necklace back?

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The Manhattan Men

by Jacob Parker

The sexy minx, the family hired to help me act better, is a social media influencer. She’s also the one that got away. It’s a bit of a Cinderella story, but it isn’t her shoe she left for me. She’s not getting away this time. I’m claiming her for good. NYC’s most eligible bachelor just turned in his claim to fame.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Rich, Right Real

by Jacob Parker

Nothing tastes as sweet as winning over a woman.
And this pretty single mom is in my sights.
But it’s not her heart I’m after. It’s her chocolate factory.
Being a billionaire CPA, my clients expect only the best from me. And the latest wants her candy since it’s almost Valentine’s Day.
Not a problem. Nothing I can’t handle.
Until I see her working her magic and realize how much she loves what she does.
Roses are red and violets may be blue.
Me pushing away love is nothing new.
Besides, I have to go against my powerful family to destroy this deal I’ve been primed to make happen.
I’m rich because of them.
But she’s right for me.
Time to fight for what feels real and make this woman mine.
Candies and all.

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