Wicked Brute

by M. James

I thought I was safe from my father’s revenge. But he’s not the only one who wants me dead…Once upon a time, I was many things.

An accomplished ballerina.

The daughter of a powerful man.

A Bratva princess.

Now I’m none of those. Disinherited and alone, I use the skills that once elevated me to the height of the Moscow ballet for something else altogether–dancing for men who have no idea who I used to be. Who don’t care.

Until I meet him. A dangerous brute of a man who wants me for reasons I don’t understand–and who makes me feel things I never knew I could. Things that I know I shouldn’t want. Things that could destroy me, if I give in.

Dangerous things.

Filthy things.

Wicked things.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


by Eva Kent

Slash isn’t interested in finding his mate. As his clan’s enforcer, he has other things to worry about. But then an undeniable attraction for Marilyn, his best friend’s ex-mate, threatens his loyalty to his clan and his duties. Rejected by her paired mate of sixteen years, Marilyn struggles to find a new path and figure out what she wants from life. Then she discovers that her true mate has been under her nose her entire life. She’s willing to give in to the connection between them, but his refusal of her threatens to finish tearing her apart.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Fae of the Saintlands: Books 1-3

by Leigh Kelsey

Lucky me, I have three mates, and they’re all wanted men. Over 700 pages of snarky fae enemies, hot fated mates, and spicy fantasy romance for fans of Throne of Glass and Blood & Ash.

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Category: Fantasy Romance