Roomies with Brother’s Best Friend

by Sofia T Summers

I didn’t think I could hate him any more than I already did when he broke my heart years ago.

You don’t claim someone’s V-card and then disappear like nothing happened.

I wanted to scream when I realized that he was about to be my roommate.
My brother’s best friend.
The father of my (secret) baby.
And the man I desperately wanted but couldn’t touch.

How would I keep my distance from him knowing that he has my heart?

Keeping my daughter from Parker had been hard enough.
I didn’t think he wanted a family at the time.
But living with him as his roommate while hiding this secret is going to kill me.

Years ago, I felt his betrayal.
And once he discovers my little secret, he’ll feel mine.
Could we even have a second chance at love?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Primal Bargains

by Raleigh Davis

The dark rumors that swirl around Gideon Wolfe both frighten and intrigue me. I’m desperate for the job he’s offering—and intensely curious to see the beastly billionaire recluse for myself. But soon I’m trapped in his castle and entangled in his secrets… and his bed. I’m in deep and I don’t want to find my way out.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Trophy Wife

by Bethany Lopez

This sexy bombshell and absentminded professor know they seemingly have nothing in common, but when they keep bumping into each other it seems like maybe fate has other ideas.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance


by Lisette Marshall

Killing Queen Tamar of Redwood should have been a routine mission, but when Runo’s first attempt fails, he finds himself caught up in a deadly conspiracy. Faced with a common enemy, the assassin and the queen have no choice but to work together. And soon sizzling hate turns into something far more dangerous… [Steamy enemies to lovers romance]

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Category: Fantasy Romance

New York Vulcans: The Complete Bad Boy Sports Collection

by Teagan Kade

The bad boys of football. Swoon-worthy superstars ready to put it all on the line for the women they love. Meet the Vulcans in this scorching collection box set of 4 Amazon Best Sellers. Enemies to lovers, amnesia, Irish mafia, second-chance soulmates, and secret relationships—This box set has it all, big on steam and naughty surprises.

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Category: Collections & Anthologies Romance

A Dash of Romance

by Sydney Campbell

When sweet aspiring romance novelist Maggie moves to Mountain Valley, her parents are determined to drag her back to the city — so she tells them about her wonderful new relationship! Too bad it doesn’t exist. Her brother comes to the rescue, offering up his buddy, bad boy Liam, as a fake boyfriend. But everyone is shocked when sparks start to fly.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Decode My Desires

by Charmaine Louise Shelton

Welcome to the titillating world of the multibillion-dollar global companies and the love affairs of the families that control them.

Who’s the sucker now? Me, that’s who. The One really took me—not to mention my family—for a ride. I never should have given up my playboy card. Well, it’s back in hand, and I have to make up for lost time.

What’s that saying about best laid plans? Yeah, tell me about it. Hopefully my new goal to figure out Harris and what I feel for him works out better…

Can Kat redeem herself, or has she lost the opportunity for The One?

Travel with this playful pair as Kat makes her moves on Harris from sky-high penthouses on Fifth Avenue and the Sunset Strip to a private villa beside a lush Hawaiian lagoon and more in their sizzling, second chance billionaire romance.

Their love story is a standalone romance trilogy in the series. Get a glimpse of their dynamism in other books.

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Category: Erotic Romance

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