What If I Never

by Lisa Renee Jones

Dash Black is a powerful man, a man who gets what he wants. A man who is dark and edgy, intense, and yet, quiet. He knows how to seduce a woman. Allison is beautiful, sweet, and intelligent. She wants him. And she has something he wants. And he’s not a man you say no to.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Redemption of a Slave

by Laura Taylor

France in the 1800s is a terrible time to be an omega. Kept as a slave for most of his life, Dante has suffered far too much brutality, and even he would admit that the harshness of life has turned him from a civilized, obedient omega into a broken man bent on violence and revenge. However, an odd twist of fate leads to Dante being bought by Antoine, a wealthy alpha with a soft spot for brutalized omegas. Antoine sees the potential in the suffering young man and takes him back to his estate, determined to help him recover from the cruelty of his past. But winning Dante’s trust was never going to be an easy task, and even less so in a society that refuses to acknowledge that an omega could ever be anything other than a slave.

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Category: LGBT Romance


by Emily Jane Trent

While on a concert tour, Navy SEAL Lucas vows to protect Haylee Nichols. She’s a celebrity singer, threatened by a dangerous stalker. It’s Haylee’s last tour, because she’s going home to her sick 5-year-old son. She must trust Lucas to fight her oppressor, if she has any hope for a future.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Cowboy Crossing Box Set Books 1-8

by Jessie Gussman

Enter a world of cowboys and courage, family and fun, sweet romance and happily ever afters. Come to Cowboy Crossing, a small town that feels like home. You’ll love it here!

Book 1: They’ve been best friends forever. When violent weather sparks an unexpected attraction, will they risk their friendship for a chance at a lifetime love?

Book 2: The town outcast buys a date with Cowboy Crossing’s own A-List movie star.

Book 3: A midnight tryst, an unknown admirer and a baby that is delivered to church with just a short note.

Book 4: A celebrity chef that can’t cook. A scarred cowboy who hates cameras. And the little girl who could bring them both together.

Book 5: Zane Hudson just got custody of his four young children. Only problem is, he can’t watch his kids and run his farm, too. He needs a permanent housekeeper. He has every intention of hiring someone until…

Book 6: They were high school sweethearts, but money and pride came between them. Can their twin sons trick them into falling in love again?

Book 7: A man who hides fear with courage. A woman who needs a house but longs for a home. And the dog with anxiety issues who brings them together.

Book 8: Can they fall in love despite the death between them?

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance

King of Air

by D.N. Hoxa

Being stuck in a time loop sucks, especially when I die on the same day, at the hands of the same man, over and over again.

But in Life Number Seven, I’m determined to change my fate.

To do that, I have to run away from my father, the dragon king of all shifters, and the most paranoid man I know. He and his men are near impossible to fool, but I switch places with my lady’s maid and manage to make it all the way into the woods—right before I get knocked out cold.

When I wake up, I find myself a prisoner, and my captor is the son of my father’s worst enemy. Just my luck.

Lucien Di Laurier is a cocky bastard who thinks I’m an object to be owned. It doesn’t help that he’s dangerously sexy, and can literally control the air in my lungs with a wave of his hand. He wants to get his revenge on my father for killing his, and that’s why he’s after the dragoness…never realizing that I’m right there, in his home. Thinking I’m just the maid, he vows to break me until I tell him everything he wants to know.

But things don’t go as planned for either of us. Secrets have a way of coming to light, and his just just might be worse than mine. And when we both finally learn the truth about one another, will we be able to stand together against the sickness that has plagued the world and created this time loop?

Or will I have to go back home, and wait to die for the seventh time?

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Category: Paranormal Romance