The Spellbinding Courtship (Calatini Tales)

by Katherine Dotterer

Welcome to an enchanting Regency-inspired kingdom filled with faegifts, magic, and heartwarming romance… Threatened by an evil witch and a scheming uncle, Selena flees to a brothel and meets Aragon, who rescues her but refuses to act on their attraction. After his family presents her at court, he isn’t the only eligible bachelor spellbound by Selena. Should she wait for Aragon or choose another?

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Category: Fantasy Romance

The Enchanted Bird (Calatini Tales Book 1)

by Katherine Dotterer

A shy heroine, rakish hero, best friends to lovers, and a disguise spell in a Regency-inspired fantasy kingdom! Longing for a single night of passion with her best friend Hawke, Wren disguises herself with a glamour spell to seduce him. Yet her spell extracts a growing price from them both, and Hawke soon begins hunting for his “mysterious” lover. Will their enchanted night destroy their lifelong friendship or will they finally admit their love?

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Rough Start

by Summer Cooper

When Eliana and her alcoholic dad ran away from their home, they weren’t intending to ever return.

Years later, through hard work and grit, she not only graduated from the way-out-of-budget Harvard, but has become a successful lawyer.

When she receives the sad news of her father’s death, she can’t help but feel a slight sense of relief.
At last, she can breathe, stop living in fear, and finally come out of hiding.

Until a biker, her hotter than ever ex, shows up at the funeral and takes her for the debt that her father owed—a debt that she would never be able to repay.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Royal Daddy

by K.C. Crowne

I’m her father’s closest friend.
And I’ve vowed to tame his estranged daughter.
But her fire is so d*mn fierce it reduces my rules to ash.
How will I protect her when all I want is to ruin her?

There I was selling crab cakes out of my food truck,
When the world’s biggest scrooge approaches me.
I can’t help but notice his impressively ripped body in a perfectly tailored suit.
His eyes pierce right through me – and make my insides flutter.
I’ve always been attracted to older men – but this one has all the warmth of an ice cube.

Fast forward and I find myself in a foreign country with my every move scrutinized.
Luc’s mission: Train me to be a proper princess.
A role I don’t even know if I want!
I’m determined to find answers about my mother,
But the harder Luc tries to turn me into a future queen…
The more I have a growing need to kneel before him.

He’s the farthest thing from kind.
Luc is possessive. Arrogant. And cold.
And now, according to the test in my hand…
He’s the father of my baby.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Match for the Cowboy

by Hannah Jo Abbott

She’s running from her life, will he be the one to catch her?

Grace Rogers had to get away from her controlling boyfriend. Without a plan or a job, she set out for somewhere—anywhere but there. When a handsome cowboy in a small town mistakes her for the new church secretary, it seems best just to go with it.

As the youngest, Colton Macklin works just as hard as any of his six brothers on the family ranch, so what does he have to do to gain their respect? When the pastor asks him to be the church handyman, he’s more than willing to help, especially since he was picked over all his older brothers.

At the church, Colton finds that he and Grace have a lot in common, but the more he opens up, the more he senses she’s hiding something. When her true identity is revealed, he needs to protect her from her past, but can he forgive her to start their own future?

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Category: Inspirational Romance

The Lost and the Scarred

by T. Marie Alexander

I love to hate her.
From the moment I found her, she became my prey.
She made it easy with her trusting ways.
She was exactly what I needed.
A reminder of everything that I lost.
A reminder that girls who look like angels can still be devils.
Or so I thought.
Roxanna Raine has worked her way under my skin, and now I’m not sure if it’s hate at all.

He’s my everything.
From the moment he found me, he became my best friend.
The person I leaned on. The person that made the nightmares go away.
He was exactly what I needed.
Or so I thought.
Wran Belmont abandoned me when I needed him the most, and now he is back. I don’t know if he can be my everything anymore.

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Category: Contemporary Romance