The Reluctant Bride


Sometimes a marriage of convenience isn’t convenient at all!

Ralph Earl of Avalon is wealthy enough to choose any bride he desires, and when his cousin suggests he take a wife to heal the rift in his family it seems the perfect solution to his problems. But his chosen bride, Sophia Challoner, has her own axe to grind and soon Ralph’s well-conceived plan is turned on its head as she defies him at every turn.

When Sophia Challoner is forced into marriage with the Earl of Avalon to save her father from ruin, she is furious. Ralph is the most attractive and compelling man she has ever met but he is a wastrel and a philanderer. Yet the more she gets to know him, the more the physical passion he stirs within her threatens to derail her intention to remain aloof. Can she continue to resist him or will she lose her heart to a man who has made it perfectly clear he has no heart to give?

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Category: Historical Romance

Healed Hearts Romance Collection

by Betty Shreffler

A swoon-worthy cowboy, a charming billionaire boss, and a heartthrob kickboxing instructor…all packed into a breathtaking and passionate second chance romance collection!

USA Today Bestselling Author Betty Shreffler brings you three stories of love, hope, and undeniable attraction.

Meet the men of the Healed Hearts Romance collection with a cowboy determined to mend a country girl’s broken heart, a billionaire who meets his match in a sassy, spirited book agent, and a kickboxing instructor who possesses the love and patience needed for a scarred woman to trust again.

Prepare to have your heart stolen! This set contains three full length novels with characters that’ll stay with you long after the pages are read!
Set includes: Fire on the Farm, My Hot Boss, Unbreak This Heart

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Category: Collections & Anthologies Romance

Second Star to the Left

by Megan Van Dyke

The swagger and adventure of Pirates of the Caribbean meets the sexy banter of The Hating Game with a healthy dose of steam in this retelling of Peter Pan that’s far from the Neverland you know.

What if Tink hooked up with Hook? A hot retelling of the classic Peter Pan story from the perspective of this naughtier fairy.

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Category: Fantasy Romance

First Love, Second Chance: A Secret Child Romance

by Vesper Young

Watching him walk away once was hard enough. I don’t think I can do it twice…

Luke’s crashed back into my life, and I’m anything but ready.

When he left ten years ago, my heart shattered into a million pieces. First loves do that, don’t they?

I’ve spent the past years duct-taping it back together. Then I built a wall around my feelings so it won’t happen again.

Now he’s back. And he’s my new boss.

I can’t deny the connection we have.

I convinced myself it was young love, but even now, just one look in his eyes and I know it was real.

I want him. I want him more than I ever have before.

But I can’t give in. I have to fight it, for a dozen reasons. He’s my ex. He’s my boss. When he left, it broke me—how can I ever risk that again?

Oh, right, and the biggest reason.

I never told him we have a son.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Claimed by the Hunter

by Lynnea Lee

My name is Alice, and I live in the Bugpocalypse.

I need to forage, but there’s one little problem. Okay, so “little” isn’t the best word to describe the fierce Xarc’n warrior who is obsessed with me. He’s HUGE! And his claws, fangs, and horns are scary AF.

When I reject his gifts, he tosses me over his shoulders and carries me to his shuttle.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

One Night of Love

by Anna Lores

She’s hoping for a miracle. He’s looking for a soul mate. Will one moonlit night of passion grant their hearts’ deepest desires?
Lainie would do anything for a few more days with her dying husband. With his will to live fading fast, she knows only a miracle baby could pull him back from the edge of the grave. Desperate to conceive, she shares a night of passion with a sexy stranger whose skills under the sheets border on the supernatural… in more ways than she could ever imagine.
Drawn to a mysterious woman’s irresistible scent, alpha werewolf Luke Wolfson knows he’s finally found his perfect mate… even if she’s only a human. But when she slips out of his bed before morning, he knows there’s much more at stake than his broken heart if he can’t win her back.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

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