Jock Blocked

by Pippa Grant

Sparks fly when a power slugger meets his new team’s biggest fan, who knows his biggest secret and has no shame about using it against him if it helps the team. A hot, hilarious, virgin hero romance!

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Category: Romantic Comedy

Falling for the Single Mom

by Alie Garnett

Sera Lovely’s coworker arrogant, annoying, and a monumental pain, and he’s also—unfortunately—sexy as sin. When she’s put in charge of the internal investigation into a harassment claim made against the irritating office Romeo, Sera must push her infatuation aside to uncover the truth. But when Harrison turns on the charm, Sera wonders if he’s simply trying to sway the investigation?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Dragon King’s Mate: A Fated Mates Shifter Romance

by Harlow Blaze

Who’s more dangerous, her stalker or her king?


Dancing in a rowdy nightclub isn’t most girls’ career plan, but Ava makes it work. Bump, grind, flirt—easy as pie.

Her life shatters when she’s marked. A human that can have dragon shifter babies is a prize worth killing for, and her stalker is ready to be a dad.

When her apartment burns down, Ava learns a fun fact. Stalkers don’t like being rejected. And hers will stop at nothing to claim her as his own.

One man can help her.

Baz—King of the Seattle dragon shifters and definitely not a gangster. Despite the warnings to stay away from him, his protection is her only hope.

But Ava has a problem. Powerful and sexy as hell, Baz sets her soul on fire.



Baz doesn’t have time to help humans. His sister has a target on her back, and family always comes first.

Everything changes when a dancer crashes into his lap, desperate for his protection.

Ava’s sweet scent and feisty temper drives his inner beast wild. The need to mate is irresistible, but his pretty, new roommate is already running from one dragon. Seducing her for himself is, at best, morally gray.

But Baz has always been a bad boy, and rules don’t apply to the king.

At first, having her in his penthouse is delicious torture. But the longer Ava is around, the more Baz starts to soften.

And when you’re king, being soft isn’t an option.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

My Forbidden Boss

by C. E. Ross

A billionaire forbidden age gap office romance

David Chandler. Billionaire. Focussed. Forty three.
Luck plays no part in the business I grew from the ground up.
Nor has luck played a part in my relationships.
Women can’t see past my bed or my bank account. I’ve given up expecting them to.
That’s until Adeline walks through the door of Blue Sky.
Out of her depth, young, gorgeous, tempting Adeline.
I want to kiss her, touch her, taste her. Take her innocence.
I should let her go.
But I can’t.

Adeline Rayner. Poor. Overlooked. Twenty-One.
I’m blackmailed by my sperm donor — my father.
But I’m desperate for help so I have no choice.
My mom and I will be homeless if I fail.
Industrial espionage. Corporate spying. Stealing secrets.
Call it what you will, the truth is I’m set up to take the fall.
I work for David Chandler as his PA.
The man who makes me wish for a different life, a different me.
The man who would never want an inexperienced virgin.
He’s off limits.
But I can’t say no.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Maid Without Honor

by Sofia T Summers

It isn’t that hard to be a good maid of honor.
Always support your bride-to-be, co-host a gorgeous bridal shower,
And never, ever sleep with the father of your bride.

In my defense, I didn’t know who he truly was when we met.
My best friend’s father was more like a myth or a legend,
Yet the silver-haired fox I met after a canceled flight was charming, courteous,
And oh-so-clever enough to get me to fall for the weekend.

It was never supposed to be ’til death do us part.
That’s how I preferred it.
No strings. No rings. No heartbreak.

Now, I’m faced with the consequences of my actions again and again.
There’s the engagement party, the family dinners, the wedding preparations.
Southern society weddings are so much work, and the sinful look in his eyes is too tempting.

I’m a maid of honor for now, but if people knew the truth, they might realize “maid” and “honor” are two words that will never describe me again.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Trusting You

by Ashley Kay

Katy never thought she’d take a stranger home. After getting dumped on her birthday, she does something out of character and takes home the hot bartender.

What she doesn’t expect is to have the best night of her life. But how far can a one-night stand really go?

Check TWs.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Agreement

by L. Steele

He’s my brother’s best friend
Also my new boss
And now my fake fiancé…

Cade ‘the King’ Kingston, billionaire grumphole and the most sought-after athlete on the continent.
He’s also London’s most notorious bachelor with a ten-pack and a profile that would make Adonis weep.
Too bad he’s ruthless has a heart made of ice and is the most unfeeling brute I have ever met.
When my brother asks him to look out for me while he’s away, Cade engages me as his new Communications Manager.
Now he’s my boss, I definitely don’t want to get involved with him.
But I’ve harbored a secret crush on Cade, and when we start working together in close proximity, my feelings for him multiply.
When a stalker targets me, Cade proposes a fake marriage for my protection.
But he has secrets of his own…

This is a swoony, angsty, banter-filled romance featuring a woman in over her head, a man in over his heart, and a Champagne loving Great Dane who plays matchmaker by mistake. It stands alone and comes complete with the best grovel and grand romantic gesture ever!

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Category: Contemporary Romance