The Guy Next Door

by Kelly Myers

My hot neighbor is my new boss. What could possibly go wrong? How about a baby…
Getting dumped is the pits.
At least I still have my job.
Until the hot guy next door becomes my new boss and lays me off.
Thankfully, he gives me a new job as a favor and only asks one thing in return…
A date.
Only the fake date leads to something very real happening…in bed.
Zack Noble is every bit as confident between the sheets as he is in the boardroom.
I’m helpless to resist him.
I know office relationships are forbidden.
Yet sneaking around makes what’s happening between us even hotter.
Until our secret is discovered…
But I have one of my own—a little munchkin with the same blue eyes as his dad.
When the truth finally comes out, will I lose Zack forever, or will we have our second chance at love?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Angel in Her

by Stefanie Dawn

Her name is Evie, and believe me, the connotations of that name are not lost on me.

Do not kill.
Do not give in to earthly temptations.
None of it was easy with her, and I would break all the rules if it meant I could touch her again.

I was supposed to be rescuing her, caring for her, and showing her the way to a better life. Not thinking about how soft her skin was or how she would feel under my fingers, my tongue.

How she would taste…

These were dangerous thoughts for a man to have.
These thoughts were even more dangerous for an angel to have.

I am Zaqiel, and if I am to fall, it will be because of her.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Swipe Right

by Peyton Fuller

The rocker is really a billionaire.

Jules wasn’t looking for a new romance, especially after her last break up. All she wanted was to take pictures around the city for her Insta page and dream of becoming a professional photographer to escape the drudgery of corporate life. But when the annoying app she should have deleted sends her pictures of a gorgeous musician, she finds herself changing her mind.

Caleb just wanted a fling, preferably with someone who didn’t know he was the rich tech mogul who had created the hottest new dating app. And the long hair and beard he had grown out for playing with the band on the side provides the perfect disguise.

When the hookup becomes something more, the cocky billionaire realizes he might have discovered what was missing from his life, and Jules finds the perfect man she’s been dating has a surprising number of influential friends who help her launch her photography career. Now all her dreams are coming true, but will his sexy little lie ruin it all?

Find out what happens when you hookup with a handsome billionaire and pick up Swipe Right today!

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Category: Contemporary Romance

A Wicked Night

by Juliana Haygert and Other Authors

Are you ready for A WICKED NIGHT?

Prepare to fall under the spell of five paranormal romance stories of angels, fae, dragons, griffins, and more winged creatures!

Set during Halloween night, this is sure to be one spooky and electrifying anthology! Each story in this limited edition anthology is new and exclusive, featuring unique magical abilities and spell-binding romance you won’t soon forget!

One click today to start this mesmerizing adventure!

A WICKED NIGHT is an anthology of Halloween Paranormal Romance tales from your favorite indie authors!

Stories by:
Laura Greenwood
Juliana Haygert
Zoey Indiana
Liza Street
Arizona Tape

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Loving Jake

by Lisa Lanay

Kimberly Urbane has been in love with Jake Taylor since junior high. Too bad Jake has always thought of her as one of his best friend’s little sisters, and Kimberly has always been too shy to prove him otherwise. That is until he unexpectedly comes back into town, needing a room to rent, and Kimberly has one available. Well, sort of.

Jake Taylor is no longer interested in love thanks to a bitter divorce years ago. His life as an international journalist, traveling around the world with nothing to tie him down, suits him just fine – until a visit back to his hometown threatens to change his mind.

Jake never paid much attention to his friend’s kid sister and her obvious crush on him, but now they’re both all grown up and she’s so much harder to resist. Jake knows he can’t possibly give Kimberly the future and family she wants and deserves, but as his feelings for her grow so does his fear of ultimately letting her down.

Even though long days, and even longer nights, prove that there’s an undeniable attraction between Kimberly and Jake, Kimberly fears it isn’t enough to convince Jake to stay.

Loving Jake will take you on a wild roller coaster of emotions following Jake and Kimberly as they go from friends to lovers in this sexy romance.

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Category: Romantic Comedy

On the Mend

by Tina Gallagher


Why does my promotion depend on Dan McMullen, of all people? I’ve been working for years and now all I have to do is get the star center fielder game ready and it’s mine. Yes our relationship happened ten years ago, but I’ll never forget how he broke my heart. He was my first love after all. But I’m older now, wiser. I won’t let anything stand in the way of that promotion. Not even a sexy player who thinks we’re going to kiss and make up.


Back in college, I loved two things, Sabrina Kelly and baseball. Baseball worked out great. Sabrina, not so much. I know I broke her heart, but I’m not that guy anymore. My busted knee may keep me off the field this season, but it’s also given me the chance to get her back into my life. She’s an amazing physical therapist and if anyone can get me on my feet, it’s her. And while she’s here, I’ll have to convince her to give me another chance.

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Category: Sports Romance

Shadow of the Swan

by Nicola M. Cameron

In the golden years of the Victorian Era, Louisa Wallingford investigates myths and legends around the globe with her historian uncle, until her life is torn apart by an ancient promise to a sadistic Fae royal. Faced with becoming his unwilling bride, Louisa’s only escape is another marriage … to a handsome but distant vampire.

Sir Henry Carstairs gave up his humanity to save the queen he loved. When he failed, he vowed to protect her daughter and the country she ruled. Now, his vow requires him to enter an arranged marriage in order to protect a beautiful, headstrong scholar. But as their faux relationship becomes real, a deadly conflict between the British Empire and the Land of Faerie threatens to separate them forever.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

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