The Quest for Happiness

by Andrews

This sweet fantasy romance and adventure is perfect for readers who are looking for an uplifting story.

A normal life. A family. Love. A fulfilling job.
That’s all Adam has ever wanted.
However, when a thousand-year-old curse that haunts his bloodline awakens, any chances that he has at normal go straight down the drain.
Suddenly, Adam’s world is completely devastated. Every aspect of his existence is out of control. Everything that Adam ever wanted, every plan that he made, all of it is gone. How can he move forward like this?
Until a glimmer of hope makes him realize that maybe a future is still possible.
Get ready to laugh, cry, and cheer in this inspirational story where adventure, romance, and family ties will certainly melt your heart.

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Category: Fantasy Romance

Snowed In on Valentine’s Day

by Alana Highbury

It was hate at first sight.

After a run-in with the rude best man, Peter, at her best friend’s wedding and a subsequent meltdown on New Year’s Eve, Hazel is ready to make major changes. Realizing she’s a serial dater, she vows to take a break from dating and focus on reinventing herself in her career—and putting down roots for once in her life.

But when the jerk from the wedding moves in next door, Hazel can’t believe her bad luck. She does her best to avoid Peter, until a massive blizzard forces her to take shelter at his house. The icy tension between them starts to thaw as they get to know each other, but when they’re still snowed in four days later—on Valentine’s Day—tempers flare as passions rise.

Confused and unsettled, Hazel has no idea what to do with her conflicting feelings, and avoiding him doesn’t seem to be an option.

Can she find love with this enigmatic man amid the winter storm brewing within and between them?

This is a sweet romance without explicit scenes, but it contains some profanity and adult themes.

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Category: Holidays Romance

Soul Savers Boxset (Books 1-3)

by Kristie Cook

Fated Mates * Angels & Demons * Family Secrets * Royalty * Secret Heir She’s royalty in a secret society that protects the world. He was created for destruction and chaos. Will their love save the world – or destroy it? Become obsessed with the award-winning, best-selling series that over 1.2 million readers have discovered and loved!

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Her Secret (Bad Influence Book 1)

by Ivy Fox

Falling in love shouldn’t be this…complicated. But then again, I’m the fool who fell hard for not one but all five of my best friends. Worse still is that they are all brothers. Oh, and did I mention that they live right next door? And I’m supposed to live with them all summer while our parents are away? Yeah. Like I said, it’s…complicated.

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Category: New Adult & College Romance

The Falling of Jodie Skye

by Anastasia Simonds

Twenty-five-year old Jodie Skye has had a damning past and a lot of skeletons in her closet. Except for her best friend, Stacie, she doesn’t let anyone in, nor is she looking for a relationship; well, at least not a short-term one! Yet, at the back of her mind, she can’t seem to forget the handsome stranger she’s seen on the train until she finds out he’s taken, or so she thinks. After a drunken night that ends in a questionable one-night stand, vulnerable and full of regrets, Jodie finds herself more detached from the world than ever. She vows to never trust a man again until she meets Colin, the stunning stranger from the train. She finds herself falling in love but does she dare to love again or will her guarded secrets ruin her chances?

Will this be a happily ever after ending where she meets her Prince Charming…or will he end up being a frog, like the rest?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Scales of Fate: The Chosen Prince

by Shaidan Barnes

A young dragon prince is forced to choose between the call of his heart and the duty to his crown.

Once in a generation, the dragon kingdoms are called upon to offer their finest prince to remain celibate and compete for the betrothal of the future Empress. Plucked from obscurity, dragon princes Uzzin and Razzan vie to become the Chosen Prince of their kingdom. Amid the competition, Razzan’s heart is captured by an alluring and mysterious drake while facing the trials of maturity in a palace awash with tantalizing princesses. Will he navigate his burgeoning desires, a deadly rival, and a clandestine love, or will temptation be his downfall?

This novel contains many explicit and erotic scenes involving dragons and drakes, not humans or shifters. Additionally, there are a few scenes with intense violence. Mature audiences only.

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Category: Erotic Romance

The Open Hearts Trilogy

by ms. m

Welcome to the world of BDSM-a deep and sensual world of consensual sexual Dominance, submission and fiery passion. Meet Kieran, Scott, Seth and Dagan as the Open Hearts Trilogy follows them through their chosen world.
The Trilogy was written by ms. m with love, and is intended for adult readers of BDSM Erotica with Open Hearts.

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Category: Erotic Romance