Daughter of the Void

by Ami LeFleur

Demons, Witches, Archangels, Shades, Shifters; just a small taste of what the Dusk world has to offer. And Savannah Collins didn’t know about any of it.
After washing out of a surgical residency program, her life was already circling the drain when a sexy new love showed up. Unfortunately, he turned out to be a lying, cheating, thieving henchman for hire. When things went south with one of the city’s crime syndicates, his only life preserver was a bargain for Savannah to become their newest on-call bullet extractor.
Enter Alaric Valefor, the half-demon right-hand to a mortal crime boss. The kind of man who ate, slept, and breathed vengeance with no room for distractions. However, mass murdering revenge is difficult to stay committed to when you can’t get out of bed. Especially because that bed is filled with an enthralling distraction named Savannah.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

Off Limits Alpha Daddy

by Josie Hart

Booze, boys, and backstage passes.
What could go wrong?
Turns out, a lot.

Jackson Whiss is the living embodiment of a true rock ‘n’ roll bad boy.
An alpha who takes what he wants.
Demanding. Savage.
And spoiler alert: he wants me.

But not for the reason that you think.

This jerk only needs a fake relationship to leverage my good-girl image.
But in exchange, he’ll erase my student loan debt.

What starts as a straightforward business deal,
Ends backstage with tangled limbs, urgent strokes, and a low growl, “You’re mine.”

We’re fire and ice, a match made in chaos.
And toying with flames guarantees I’ll get burned.

But it’s too little, too late.
I’m already lovestruck.
And knocked up.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Dragon Ever After Box Set

by Amberlyn Holland

Four princesses. One goal.
Stop the Grey Enchantress before she destroys everything, and everyone, they love.

A fantasy romance series featuring fairy tale retellings filled with magic, adventure, curses, shifters, and a quirky cast of characters ready to help four strong princesses save their kingdoms and their dragons!

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

BlowOut (Shear Disaster Mystery Book 1)

by Terri Reid

Louella Jo (L.J.) Carter comes home to Julep, Mississippi, to bury her mother. She discovers that not only was her mother murdered, but she isn’t taking her death lying down. Can L.J. solve the mystery and still come out alive?

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Category: Paranormal Romance

It’s All About Cowboys Too

by Alexa Verde

Discover love and family in this set of six clean, stand-alone, cowboy romances with a dash of suspense!
Enjoy hours of heartwarming reading in with six more stories about strong-willed forty-something women in small-town Cowboy Crossing and the swoon-worthy single-dad cowboys who love them. Though sometimes those rugged handsome men might need a nudge—or a push!

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance

Chimera King: Rebels of Last World

by Atlas Kane

Cade Clarke spends his last night on Earth drinking with a friend. When he decides to risk his life to defend a gorgeous bartender, he pays the ultimate price.

Resurrected to Antinium, Cade finds himself thrown into a world where the very rules of reality have shifted. He chooses a unique class, customizes his soul weapon, and levels up to unlock vital skills, traits and attributes points in order to survive.

Cade’s chances for success are minimal until he finds his destiny intertwined with a group of powerful and intoxicating women, who work at his side to build a future worth fighting for.

They must grow strong enough to overthrow an evil tyrant. Or die trying…

Caution to Readers: Chimera King novels contain explicit content, unconventional harem relationships, and violence. Proceed at your own risk.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

Chimera King 2: Champions of Last World

by Atlas Kane

After striking out on their own, Cade and his gorgeous companions have secured a degree of relative safety. Yet the world of Antinium remains rife with conflict, and their village will need to be defended.

Camp Casmeer is beginning to thrive. Satemi charges ahead with construction, Minda discovers new wonders of herbology, and Ketzal’s Occupation surpasses them all in practical combat.

Cade is faced with a slew of new challenges, and his allies must take the fight to the enemy or risk being overrun.

Despite the dangers, our heroes are destined to become the Champions of Last World.

Caution to Readers: Chimera King novels contain explicit content, unconventional / harem relationships, and violence.

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