Nude Awakening

by Penny Clarke

Rylie needs help showing some skin. Levi’s practically allergic to wearing clothes. Now, if she could stop resisting his charms (and lack of shirts), there’s nothing wrong with some good, naked fun…

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Category: New Adult & College Romance

Legacy of the Lost Mage: Jaeth’s Eye

by K.S. Villoso

Sume Kaggawa promised her father a dragon. Abandoned by an older brother who dreamed of grand adventures, she is the only hope left for a family fallen on hard times. A deal with a shadowy mage traps her in a conspiracy between greedy merchants and forgotten kings. For the chance to revive her family name and be everything her brother could never be, Sume must sign away her life and freedom–or forever doom her bloodline to failure.

Meanwhile, the mercenary Kefier finds himself chased down by former associates after a botched job leaves his friend dead. Already once branded a murderer, he crosses paths with his friend’s sister Sume and the merchant-mage, Ylir. Their intertwined fates brings them to the crux of a conflict with the first fire-breathing dragon seen in the continent for decades. But the dragon may not be a dragon, but a demon hell-bent on corrupting those in its path…

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Category: Fantasy Romance

Legacy of the Lost Mage: Aina’s Breath

by K.S. Villoso

It is said that when a mage is born in Dageis, the whole world rejoices. Everywhere else, the world mourns.

Born outside the affluent empire, Ylir yn Ferral and Sume Kaggawa’s daughter might just be one of the most agan-gifted child the continent has seen. But without her father’s coin and influence, the girl is a walking disaster. Raised by her uncle Kefier, she is a beacon which attracts the power-hungry to the fray–just like the monster her father and his ilk remain obsessed with. Sume, Kefier, and even Ylir must reckon with the part their family is starting to play in the grand scheme of things–or lose everything in the blink of an eye.

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Light Up The Night

by Weston Parker

I rush into burning building to save lives, and I wish it was for a just cause. It’s not. It’s to prove that I’m worthy of love. The last thing I need in my life is a woman, no matter how bad I want one. And yet, this single mom has me pacing the floor. She’s sweet, loving, and hot as hell.
I’m not asking for a chance at love. I’m taking it.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Taken by Twilight

by Tricia Barr

Ten abducted humans. Seven fae regents in need of mates. Welcome to the Mating Games.

Evee Aldren wakes strapped on a plane with nine strangers, and her panic heightens when she sees that one of them is the man who’s haunted her fantasies since she met him two weeks before.

Justin Jackson thought he’d never hear from Evee again after she ended their flirtatious texting. So when he’s forced off a plane full of hostages and sees she’s among them, he’s gripped with only one goal: Get her the hell out of there.

As inhuman beauties herd them like cattle, Evee and Justin learn they’re being forced into an ancient game of cat and mouse, where unwed fae regents hunt for their future mates. They ban together to escape, all the while fighting the intense passion burning between them.

Will they win their freedom, or will they lose so much more than each other to the gorgeous and wicked creatures who chase them? Let the Mating Games begin.

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Category: Paranormal Romance


by Kate Rudolph

Ruwen knows he’s a goner. His alien species is cursed by a deadly genetic quirk and he’ll be dead before the month is out, unless he finds his fated mate. She’s the only woman in the universe who can save him. It’s too bad that most Detyen women are dead. But could he find hope with a human?

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Bad Boy Bachelor Cupid

by Ali Parker

She’s off-limits. Even for a billionaire bachelor that runs the company. No mixing business and pleasure they say. You’ve got to be kidding me. But I behave…until the top model walks into the room. She makes me second-guess everything I thought I knew about what I wanted in life. All of a sudden, one night isn’t enough. Not with her.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Lying Game

by Brooke Olsen

3 Reasons Why I’m F*cked:

-I am not officially enrolled in this college, so one wrong move could ruin everything.
-My abusive dad has tracked me down and is trying to worm his way back into my life.
-The college’s hockey God is a raging sociopath with a hard-on for my destruction.

Otherwise… life is great.

I thought running away from my pathetic drunken excuse of a father would help me escape the past.

Then I bumped into Stone.

Sometimes fate is a funny thing, but sometimes she’s just laughing at you.

I’ve bent my own rules to give myself a better chance at life, but Stone has no rules.

He just wants to watch me squirm.

The only thing standing between me and my future is him… but he’s about to learn that I’m not like his other conquests. I won’t play his games.

Brand new Standalone by bestseller Brooke Olsen – A steamy angst fueled enemies to lovers college romance!

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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