Primal Bargains

by Raleigh Davis

The dark rumors that swirl around Gideon Wolfe both frighten and intrigue me. I’m desperate for the job he’s offering—and intensely curious to see the beastly billionaire recluse for myself. But soon I’m trapped in his castle and entangled in his secrets… and his bed. I’m in deep, and I don’t want to find my way out.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Safe Haven: A Sweet Small Town Romance

by Leeanna Morgan

Fans of Robyn Carr’s Virgin River series will love this small-town romance! Hayley’s sister has found a cure for Alzheimer’s and their mom is living proof that it works. Hiding from the people looking for the formula is impossible. With their lives threatened, she has no option but to trust a man who’s living with a secret more dangerous than her own.

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance

San Diego Marines Volume 1: Three Sweet Military Romances

by Jess Mastorakos

Fall in love with Hawk, Mills, and Cooper in the first three full-length books in the San Diego Marines series. Inside, you’ll find friends-to-more, second chances, and a holiday fake relationship. This sweet, inter-connected, military romance series has been downloaded thousands of times and loved by many. For a limited time, meet your new favorite book boyfriends for only 99 cents!

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance


by Mia Frances

Alex is taking her sisters and their kids to her camp in the Adirondacks when the unthinkable happens. The country is being attacked and they must seek immediate shelter. Greeted by guns and bullets when they try to find refuge, they hide in a cave to avoid the fallout. When her sisters leave to look for their husbands, Alex is left to care for the children. It’s a 35-mile hike to her camp through villages that have become killing fields. Alex rescues two children orphaned in the chaos. Society is devolving. Looters, rapists, and killers are in control. Her life is changed forever when she stumbles on a cache of food only to discover its owner is a man who’ll haunt her nightmares: half guardian angel, half demon. Both barbarian and benefactor. A strange mixture of brutality and gentleness, cruelty and caring. A man named Wolf!

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

My Fierce Protector

by Ava Storm


I was raised up on the roughest streets of Boston
Only my three best friends saved me from staying on them forever
Together, we fought our way to the top of the security industry
Now we’ve dedicated our lives to protecting others
And helping the kids we used to be
Now I have a new client
A beautiful, sensual, golden girl from California
She came from a different world entirely
But now she’s playing by my rules
Because I’m the only one who can protect her


He’s all that’s standing between me and danger
But no woman could feel entirely safe with a man like him
My whole life is on hold until he figures out who is threatening me
But what I’m really afraid of is how good it feels to be with him
He’s trying to keep things professional
But as long as we’re pretending to be engaged
Lines are going to get crossed
I feel so safe sleeping in his bed and living in his world
But someone out there is looking for me
Will my life will ever go back to normal

Do I even want it to?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Admit You Miss Me

by Ajme Williams

Most girls would kill to carry his baby.
Charles Hampton… the billionaire heartthrob that I had to dump seven years ago.

My plan, right before I ran away from him, was pretty simple.

Get over the rich dude and his snooty family that would never accept me.
Care for my mother who was diagnosed with terminal illness.
Forget that anything had changed.

But no, life threw a curveball and the only way around it was to be a surrogate for Charles.
The man that I’d fallen for seven years ago.
The man that I’d tried to forget ever since.

He offered me a million bucks to carry his baby.
The same money that I’d use for my mother’s treatment.
I didn’t really have much of a choice in the matter.

His only catch?
I’d have to live with him until the baby is born.
My only wish?
We couldn’t fall in love again.

But what if we’d never fallen out of love in the first place?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Beauty & Broken Daddy: A Second Chance Romance (Boss Daddies)

by Claire Angel

#Noah Blakely, recently divorced, single dad, a successful businessman, gorgeous specimen of a man, needs a temp whilst his PA is on a six-month hiatus.
#Brooke Jones, a university graduate with a degree in Applied Mathematics, spunky attitude, and a body that won’t quit. But her beauty isn’t just skin deep.

Brooke Jones
Brooding, ruthless, hot, broken…BOSS!
How can such an irresistible man be such a colossal jerk?
Mom said he had a kind heart, but I can’t find it.
He blows hot and cold but damn it…I want him!
Office fling, or serious contender for my heart?
Who knows?
Right now, I may smash his face in with an office chair.
Only time will tell.
Love is worth the pain and frustration.
Or is it?

Will this beautiful young woman steal the heart of her bristly boss? Can he open his wounded heart to love again?

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Category: Erotic Romance

Claiming Cinderella: A Steamy Older Man Younger Woman Romance

by Lauren Milson

It’s February 14th and I’m working at my dad’s hardware store.
I don’t have a boyfriend, and that’s because someone already has my heart.
So this is just any old normal day for me. Watch the bills pile up, maybe rent someone a power washer.
Until the little bell over the door chimes and he walks in.
My jaw hits the floor.
I haven’t seen Eli in years.
I thought I remembered him.
I thought wrong.
He isn’t acting like I’m just his friend’s daughter anymore.
He goes all alpha when other guys try to look at me.
He doesn’t want me going to a party on campus.
He is just as obsessed with me as I’ve always been with him.
But Eli’s only in town for 24 hours.
What will happen when our time is up?
Has this all been a dream…or is it a dream come true?

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Category: Holidays Romance

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