The Arcav King’s Mate: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance

by Hope Hart

Give up my life as a cop to rule over aliens? No way.
My life changed forever when my name was announced as mate to the Arcav King. Within just a few seconds, I was no longer a cop. Now, I’m expected to hand myself in and travel back to Arcavia with an alien I’ve never met.

I don’t think so.

Instead, I’m working with the resistance, fleeing with the help of other humans and fighting for my autonomy.

If there’s one thing I know, it’s this: I’ll never give up my freedom for a seven-foot, horned alien. Even if his heated looks make my toes curl… and his low voice gives me goosebumps.

The Arcav King says his sanity is on the line. And he can’t understand how I can overlook the pleasure that awaits in my arms. But that doesn’t justify stealing my freedom forever.

Unfortunately, another species of aliens have become interested in Earth and its human inhabitants. Now, the Arcav may be the only hope for my planet.

Can I stay on the run and live a life in hiding? Or will Varian convince me to give up everything to rule his planet at his side?

The Arcav King’s Mate is a full-length novel with zero instalove and no cliffhanger. Harlow is independent, feisty, and fighting for ownership of her life.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

Darkfell Vampire Clan Boxset

by L.A. McGinnis

When Seraphina is kidnapped off the streets of New Orleans, she’s pulled into a deadly world where blood is power and only the ruthless survive. With the help of Luthor and Cyrus, she fights to take her rightful place in the Darkfell Vampire Clan, and explore the depths of passion with her two immortal lovers.
But when her only chance of defeating the king means trusting the treacherous Deston de Rayne over her loyal males, their game becomes a battle of wills, one Seraphina has no intention of losing.
Will she choose the two males who have never let her down or the traitor who will certainly break her heart?
This complete boxset includes:
Night Marked, Shadow Bound, Lost Kingdom, Iron Queen and a companion novella, Blood Chosen
Get your copy and start reading today!

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

Secret Babies for the Mafia Doctor

by K.C. Crowne

A dark and enticing invitation,
On a yacht overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.
I allowed a complete stranger to dominate me.
And he gave me a gift that changed my world forever.

I assumed we’d never meet again.
And I certainly didn’t expect to find him in my delivery room.
Maybe now I’ll tell him?!?

But it’s becoming abundantly clear Doctor Dangerous has a few dark secrets of his own.
Like his long history with the Greek mafia.

Now my baby daughters’ lives are in danger and I’ll do whatever it takes to protect them. Even if that means walking away from the man of my dreams.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Girl Who Brings the Dead

by Alessa Winters

Mother told her to never use her powers. But she couldn’t just let her brother die.


A Necromancer hasn’t been seen in over a generation, and nobody knows why.

Lyra just wanted a quiet life and for her brother to grow up healthy. But ever since she raised him from the dead, she’s been stalked by a Demon of immense power.

He wants to kill her. He needs to kill her.

Instead, he introduces himself. His name is Melekai, and Lyra belongs to him now. Whenever he chooses, he comes to her and steals from her soul, and in exchange, she gets to stay alive.

Their uneasy peace is disturbed when two Magicians discover Lyra’s powers. They think they’ve found their savior, they think they’ve found a weapon that can save the world.

Lyra wants to be left alone. Melekai wants her safe, to be his.

Magic has other plans.


If you like:

Gothic Romance
Romance with a little bit of gore
Villain Love Interests
Found Family
Then you will LOVE this book.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Baby for the Doctor

by Annie J Rose

As the first female general manager of an NBA team, I have a lot to prove. But when I get pregnant by the team doctor, my plans are thrown off course. I’ll do whatever it takes to protect my reputation and prove that a woman can run an NBA team just as well as any man, even if it means lying and going it alone as a single mother.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Rescued: A Plus-Size, Feel Good, Insta Romance

by Isabelle M

“The man who has stolen my heart has rescued me in more ways than one. Here in his arms, there is no doubt that I am finally home.”

Alice is out with her best friend, celebrating her birthday at the local bar when suddenly the night takes a wild turn. Her best friend gets too drunk and starts causing a scene, embarrassing Alice in front of the sexy bouncer, who is forced to kick them out.

Alice is humiliated and furious, feeling wronged by this muscular bouncer who ruined what should have been an enjoyable night out for her, and she leaves in a huff. But after she sobers up, she realizes he was only trying to help and quickly begins to admire his no-nonsense attitude.

The next morning, Alice is walking her dog in the park when she runs into the same man she met the night before: the sexy bouncer. Given their previous encounter, things start off awkwardly, but sparks fly as Alice quickly discovers that beneath his strong exterior lies a heart full of warmth and kindness that just might be the perfect match for her own fiery spirit and deepest desires.

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Category: Erotic Romance