A Witch for Mr. Holiday (Witches of Christmas Grove Book 1)

by Deanna Chase

Welcome to Christmas Grove, where holiday magic is in the air.
When Rex Holiday walks into the charming town of Christmas Grove, all he plans to do is to spend the season helping out at his buddy’s Christmas tree farm. What he doesn’t expect is for an overzealous matchmaker to slip a love potion into his cider. Can a love spell rewrite the future?

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The Christmas Wedding Dance

by LaShelle L. Turner

The Christmas Wedding Dance – A Holiday Novella
A Synopsis

In the romantic comedy, The Christmas Wedding Dance, merry mayhem surrounds the holiday wedding of Arielle Allure Richmond.
This season comes the tale of a very merry social bride. A budding social media influencer seeks to create a media buzz surrounding her upcoming nuptials. Along with having her fans/followers watch her plan her fabulous wedding, Arielle plans one of her biggest social media stunts. She locates her long-lost father and have their reunion play out on her social media platforms. She also plans to include him in the wedding festivities. She decides to feature him in a big wedding dance during her reception. Her actions do not sit well with her frustrated fiancé Antonio or her mother, Lola, who wants to keep her heartbreak in the past.
The soon to be bride also has a little secret: She is having an affair with her first love, Lucius. Arielle constantly tries to break thing off with her former teen-aged lover, but he desires to replace the groom with himself. She may not be the only one tasting the last bit of forbidden fruit before her wedding; someone keeps posting cryptic messages on her social media pages about her fiancé’ own little dalliances – with a bridesmaid. Arielle must not only put a stop to her cheating but also her groom’s. She resolves nothing and no one will stop her Christmas nuptials.
Complicating their already tense relationship, Arielle and her mother constantly butt heads throughout the wedding planning. She makes things worse by going behind Lola’s back and seeking out the man who broke her mother’s heart almost thirty years ago. Her mother threatens to pull out of the wedding if she insists on including him.
Her big day finally arrives went an eventful wedding rehearsal dinner where Arielle and her fiancé both confront their unfaithfulness. They make it down the aisle only to have their vows interrupted by an uninvited guest- Arielle’s lover.

Though Arielle and Antonio make it down the aisle, they do not get their wedding dance. Antonio leaves her on the dance floor by herself. Both wake up on Christmas day wondering if they belong together. The couple finally get their first dance together.

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Unwrapping Holly – A Holiday Reverse Harem Romance

by Krista Wolf

It’s my one unwritten rule: I don’t date clients. But when three incredibly gorgeous men ask me out on three separate dates, right before Christmas?

Staying off Santa’s naughty list just became a lot harder.

Dumped just weeks before Christmas, personal shopper Holly doesn’t feel so merry. But when she takes on a trio of gorgeous new clients, all looking to avoid the holiday rush? Things might be VERY jolly after all.

A Texas transplant in New York City, Holly loves being surrounded by the beauty and enchantment of the holidays. But when temptation strikes in the form of three hunky clients, all hellbent on taking her on the most romantic of all Christmas dates? A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

Enter Brody, lithe and strong, a motorcycle-driving blond with an insatiable libido. Paired with Holly’s ripped personal trainer Donovan – the envy of her gym – and the tall, dark, handsome CEO of his own company, Lincoln Wallace? All three men give Holly a whirlwind weekend that could utterly wipe out any memory of her recent breakup with Malcolm.

But Christmas is coming, and with it a decision. Can Holly actually choose between her three amazing suitors, each fully aware of the others? Or will a butterfly-inducing idea – that of willingly sharing her between them – turn a friendly little holiday competition into more of a steamy, indescribably hot, cooperative effort?

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Talk Dirty to Me

by Ali Parker

I’m short. Curvy. Average at best. And I’m a fraud. For all the romance advice I give on the air, I have zero experience to back it up. I’m eternally single. And the only man I’ve ever caught feelings for is one of my callers. Much to my surprise, he’s not unknown at all. He’s my brother’s best friend. The only thing off is his advice about love. It’s from Nessa night. Me!

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by Selena Kitt

Charlie lives an average life in an ordinary home, and she isn’t complaining. Jack is a good husband and they have beautiful children–but when she discovers her penchant for a secret taboo, she finds that it suddenly turns her sex life from a mundane distraction into a mind-blowing, transcendent experience.

This is the story of a woman’s exquisite unfolding, as her sexual discovery and yearning for something more pushes she and her man to the edge, testing boundaries and forcing her to surrender to something much deeper than herself.

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Rescued by Qaiyaan

by Tamsin Ley

Aliens, space battles, and romance!
She has a secret these alien pirates would kill to get their hands on. And now she’s been captured by one…

Wanted by the black market cartel, Lisa has come out of hiding to find her missing twin brother. She’s carrying top-secret biotechnology that has both the cartel and the law hot on her tail. An alien pirate captain with smoldering eyes and a rock-hard body is the last distraction she needs—but he’s also her only hope of escape.

An evil galactic corporation destroyed Captain Qaiyaan’s home world, and with no females left, his fleet has turned to piracy and revenge. The last thing he thought he’d find on a derelict passenger ship is an alluring human female carrying a solution to his race’s salvation. And he definitely never expected the feisty ex-con to worm her way into his heart.

Together, they must fend off alien bounty hunters and keep their bucket-of-bolts ship from falling apart. Yet the greatest danger of all might come in the form of a single, passionate kiss. Will the very technology that allows them to be together end up ripping them apart?

Reader Promise: Steamy love scenes, superhero aliens, and heart-pounding action. This thrilling Sci-Fi is intended for mature audiences.

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