Enchant: Beauty and the Beast Retold

by Demelza Carlton

A beastly prince. An enchanting beauty. Only love can break the spell.
Once upon a time…
The wicked King Thorn forced the enchantress Zuleika to cast a terrible curse. She fled his court to travel the world, helping those who need her magic most. Until a search for her merchant father’s lost ships leads her to an enchanted island, where Prince Vardan, the island’s ruler, is afflicted by the most powerful curse Zuleika has ever encountered. She’s not sure she can reverse the spell, but she’s determined to try. After all, a prince who fights pirates can’t be all bad…no matter how beastly his appearance.
Together, can the enchanting beauty and the beastly prince break the spell?

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Category: Fantasy Romance


Triple J Ranch Boxed Set #1

by Jenna Hendricks

This boxed set contains the first three siblings in the Triple J Ranch Series! Come on over and meet Elizabeth, Luke, and Matthew Manning.
This exciting and Faith-filled boxed set contains the following books from the Bestselling Triple J Ranch series:
Second Chance Ranch
Cowboy Ranch
Runaway Cowgirl Bride

When Elizabeth met her high school sweetheart 10 years later, she had no idea she’d be getting a second chance at love. Not to mention a lesson in faith that only helped her family grow closer.

Luke Manning’s Cowboy Ranch served up plenty of action when he met a kindred spirit in Callie Houston. Then got shot protecting her from cattle rustlers! But love and Faith in God prevails and they will get their happy ending.

Matthew Manning had no clue he’d find his future bride on the side of a dusty road with no memory of who she is or why she’s in a tattered wedding dress. With a little help from God, and his parents, Matthew and Chloe will discover who she is and what God’s plan for her truly is.

If you like no-nonsense cowgirls, clean stories, and heartwarming attractions, then you’ll adore Jenna Hendricks’s wholesome tales of love and devotion, not only to family, but also to God.

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance


Kings of Miskatonic Prep

by Steffanie Holmes

Secrets. Lies. Sacrifice.
Welcome to my nightmare.
Welcome to Miskatonic Prep.

Trey, Ayaz, and Quinn rule this school.
Arrogant, privileged, dangerous.
Drop-dead gorgeous.
They want me gone.
They want me to suffer.
They’re determined to make my nightmares real.

Tough luck, bully boys – I won’t hide away.
I’m not afraid.
But maybe… I should be.

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Category: Paranormal Romance


Forever My Valentine: A Vampy Valentine’s Day Short Story

by Nicole Highland


Callan Harcourt has never desired a life mate, and he’s never been one to test the boundaries between mortals and vampires. But when his interest is piqued by Brianna Kensington, the veil between the two realms becomes increasingly thin, and staying away from temptation proves to be his greatest challenge yet. Paths get crossed, lines get blurred, and passion ignites until only one question remains: Will fate sever the ties between the two, or can Brianna be Callan’s Valentine… forever?

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Category: Paranormal Romance


Dragons of the Bayou Complete Series

by Candace Ayers

Something’s lurking in the swamplands of the Deep South.

These massive dragons have been exiled from their homeland. Each must find his one true mate before it’s too late.

Fire Breathing Beast
Sky finally meets Mr.Right. but he’s off his rocker! He thinks he’s a dragon, calls her his mate, and follows her home. On the other hand, she might finally lose her V-card.

Fire Breathing Cezar
To woo his mate, Cezar must fight his primal instincts and behave in the ways of a human male. But in the end, it may take the fiery passion of his dragon to win her over.

Fire Breathing Blaise
Chyna is on a mission to lose her virginity—no strings attached. Blaise wants strings. Blaise wants every string. And he’ll do whatever it takes to lasso her in.

Fire Breathing Remy
The night before Lennox’s wedding, a huge, red creature crashes to the ground and transforms into a hot, naked guy who swears they belong together. But Lennox can’t call off her wedding now, can she?

Fire Breathing Armand
“Angel of Death” is cursed. Everyone around her dies. Armand is willing to sacrifice eternal life if it means spending his last days with Angel. But if he dies, Angel will take the blame.

Fire Breathing Ovide
When an accidentally-on-purpose claiming mark links Ovide and Margo for eternity, can they break down the walls they’ve both constructed around their hearts and enjoy a future together?

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Category: Paranormal Romance


Dirty Expectations (The Billionaire’s Maid 1)

by Bella Beaumont

It’s my first day on the job as billionaire Brandon Law’s housemaid. My mom got me the job and all I know is it pays very well, especially if I wear this skimpy outfit while I do the work. It’ll help pay my way through college, so whatever.

But never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined a tech billionaire anything like this one. Smoldering, beefy, and just oozing sex. He’s like Henry Cavill when I’d been expecting Steve Jobs. And the little helper bee always at his side is also quite a surprise.

I’ve been chaste all my life, but I don’t know how long I can hold onto my innocence—not with that brooding, piercing gaze drinking me up like a latte.

I think I’m expected to do more than just perform maid duties for Mr. Law . . .

And I think I’m okay with that.

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Category: Erotica


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