Fireball: An Enemies to Lovers Romance

by Lainey Davis

She’s a tech tycoon looking for meaning. He’s a burned-out teacher seeking redemption. When their worlds collide, the chemistry is undeniable. But can they build something real?

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Category: Romantic Comedy

A Hero Worth Saving

by K.T. Munson

Odette sees Jareth as a savior when her abusive father marries her off. She hopes to be able to share her secrets with him, but Jareth has dark secrets of his own. Can they trust each other enough to save their future?

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Category: Fantasy Romance

Christmas with my Three Best Friends

by Kay Lesy

What’s more embarrassing than accidentally emailing your crush?
When you’ve been crushing hard on your three best friends…
And now they know all your wild, kinky fantasies about them.

We’ve weathered life’s storms together,
Even the pain of betrayal.

They’re my fierce protectors,
But clueless about my deepest desires.

And that’s the safest way to shield my heart…

The Three Hot Best Friends:

We’re pretty sure Shay sent us an email by mistake.
A list of her raunchiest desires…
Including the one that tightens our shorts.

We’ve been silently loving her for years,
But now… all bets are off.

This holiday season, Shay’s wildest dreams are our command.
All three of us, together with her.
And this time we’re not holding back.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Surprise Pregnancy for Villain

by Kathilee Riley

When our eyes first met at that nightclub, I claimed her.
My clan needs an heir, and I’ve chosen her as my bride.
She just doesn’t know it yet.
The shadows mask my every move as I follow her, watching, waiting to make my move.
Until I find out who she is, that she had no business being in that club.
She’s not the typical rich, college girl.
Forbidden, that’s what she is. Her body still remains pure, untouched by any man, preserved for a special reason.
And protected by the other side of the mafia.
She’s my family’s worst enemy’s daughter.
Which means there will be bloodshed if I take her.
Lives will be ruined. Mafia empires will be destroyed.
But I’m already too far gone, too invested, too hellbent on getting what I want.
Buckle up, my sweet princess. I’m coming for you.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Cold Justice

by Morgan James

When two strangers break into Eden’s bed and breakfast, I rush to her rescue. Caught in a game of cat and mouse, we escape out the window—and straight into a raging storm. Battling hypothermia and evading the intruders, it becomes a fight for survival as danger closes in from every side…

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance