Ghost: An Alien Scifi Romance

by Demelza Carlton

All her life, nurse Maia has scoffed at stories of alien abductions and breeding experiments. Until she wakes up on a strange space ship, with a baby on the way.
Now Maia’s determined to teach her alien captor that Earth girls are NOT easy, and he may have made the biggest mistake of his life.
Unless he hasn’t…

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Category: Science Fiction Romance


When Snowflakes Fall

by Tara Wyatt

Divorced single dad Luke Grayson isn’t looking for love. Nope. Not at all what he’d planned on asking Santa for this year.

Love is off the table for Luke and has been ever since he had his heart broken when the mother of his son walked out on him without a backward glance. Ignoring the hurt and the loneliness, he’s spent the past several years focused on providing a good, stable life for Ethan while growing his successful carpentry business. But then Dr. Christie Harmon moves to Cheyenne, Wyoming and has Luke wanting all kinds of things he shouldn’t want from the gorgeous pediatrician. Things like long nights, sweet mornings, and whispered promises. Soon, Luke finds himself only wanting Christie under his Christmas tree this year. But Christie’s running from a secret—one that could completely change how Luke sees her.

This is a sexy Christmas romance with a guaranteed HEA. Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, Luke will steam up your e-reader this holiday season!

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Category: Holidays Romance


Their Cartel Princess

by Logan Fox

The complete 5-book series

She needs their protection. They need her heart.
Being raised in a crime family is dangerous. Luckily, Cora has four strong, sexy men protecting her — and tempting her every desire… A dark, deadly, and utterly absorbing series, all in one steamy box set!

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance


Tell Me You Love Me

by Lydia Hall

My first mistake was sleeping with my boss.
My second mistake was expecting him to love me.

I babysit Antony’s twins and I love those kids to death.
Getting romantically involved with their dad caused trouble.
I knew it would before I put myself in that position.
All those positions.
Could I have avoided it? Yes.
Did I want to? No.
Antony was so painfully irresistible that I had to be made of stone to not want to sleep with him.

My stubborn heart couldn’t allow him to be with someone else.
So I did what it told me to do.
I quit, leaving him and the twins behind.
That was before I found out I was pregnant.
Before I decided to hide the news from him.

Now, I’m tempted go back and make things right.
Is that even possible anymore… or have I lost my only chance of having a real family?

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Bad Boy Love Affair

by Ali Parker

I’m the bad boy of the Bancroft Brothers and my family won’t let me live it down. And my new assistant is the type of girl to make the naughtiest parts of me wake up. I might be a bad boy, but I’m hers. She’s quickly learning that to love me is to walk through fire. Let’s just hope she doesn’t get burned.

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Category: Contemporary Romance



by Kay P. Dawson

The terms of her father’s will leave Everly with no choice but to marry before her 21st birthday to ensure the security of her family.

Will she be able to get over her anger towards men in enough time to find someone to marry?

Answering an ad for a mail-order bride, she finds Ben – a man who needs a woman to help him raise his two nieces left in his care. Can they find love while dealing with both a vindictive stepmother who wants to stop her from marrying, and a meddling woman who is determined to take the children from Ben? They will both have to learn to trust, even as the past threatens to ruin everything.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance


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