Song of the Moon

by Catherine Banks

The world as she knew it was a lie.

Artemis Lupine thought she was just your typical seventeen-year-old girl. Her life is a never-ending puzzle she’s trying to figure out daily, and her sleep habits are horrid at best. When she can fall asleep, she dreams of a mysterious man she’s never met – but one she knows intimately.

When the literal man of her dreams appears, she’s faced with accepting the fact that the world is full of secrets, and she’s only just beginning to discover the truth.

Ares claims she’s his mate, but Artemis isn’t so sure. The ideals she was raised with put her firmly in the human world, not the dangerous one Ares assures her is her destiny.

Can Artemis overcome her fears and accept her fate? Or will she forever be running from it?

This is a full-length paranormal romance novel with werewolves, vampires, fated mates, and more.

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Category: Paranormal Romance


When Snowflakes Fall

by Tara Wyatt

Divorced single dad Luke Grayson isn’t looking for love. Nope. Not at all what he’d planned on asking Santa for this year.

Love is off the table for Luke and has been ever since he had his heart broken when the mother of his son walked out on him without a backward glance. Ignoring the hurt and the loneliness, he’s spent the past several years focused on providing a good, stable life for Ethan while growing his successful carpentry business. But then Dr. Christie Harmon moves to Cheyenne, Wyoming and has Luke wanting all kinds of things he shouldn’t want from the gorgeous pediatrician. Things like long nights, sweet mornings, and whispered promises. Soon, Luke finds himself only wanting Christie under his Christmas tree this year. But Christie’s running from a secret—one that could completely change how Luke sees her.

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Category: Holidays Romance


A Fake Fiancée for Christmas

by Ava Gray

My sister is the reason I’m in this mess, and on the hunt for a fake fiancée to show off to our grandmother…

“Jace has a girlfriend.”

She just had to say those words, didn’t she?

Oh, I hate her.
But I think I love Bailey… the matchmaker I thought would introduce me to my fake fiancée.

She agreed to play the role herself, just for Christmas.
And it’s perfect because she doesn’t want anything real either.
Heck, she even told me she had a boyfriend.

I couldn’t have asked for a better deal.
Except… that my feelings are all over the place.
A playboy like me doesn’t know how to fall in love…
And yet, here I am, admiring the way Bailey walks, the way her hair falls over her shoulders.

But this playboy is about to lose the love game…
Does she really have another man in her life?
And what about the little secret that would be born on Christmas?

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Category: Contemporary Romance