A Billionaire for Christmas: A Secret Billionaire Romantic Comedy Holiday Boxed Set

by Willow Winters, Laurelin Paige, Carly Phillips, J. Kenner, Julia Kent, JA Huss, Blair Babylon

For surviving 2020, you deserve A Billionaire for Christmas. Heck, you deserve SEVEN billionaires for Christmas. It’s been a wild ride this year. So 7 of your favorite romance authors have teamed up to raise a glass of eggnog, sit in front of the fire, and give you 7 billionaire holiday romance novels to help you make it through this last month of the year with a hot billionaire by your side, in his Maserati, with his staff cleaning your house.

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Category: Holidays Romance



by Measha Stone

Garrick has been in the friend-zone since Jade put him there in high-school. But that’s about to change.

He’s done waiting, and he’s had his fill of women that aren’t her.

Jade had no idea going to a party would be so world-changing. That is until she sees Garrick and discovers he’s one of the club owners.

Surprises don’t stop there.

He’s done standing on the sidelines. It’s time to change zones. But moving from friends to lovers is hard enough without the complications of his dominating ways and her need to submit.

Getting this wrong could ruin everything.
Getting it right could mean the world.

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Category: BDSM


A Chase Christmas

by Layla Nash

Natalia Chase wants Christmas with her husband and his lion shifter brothers to be perfect. A simple trip turns into a rescue mission for abandoned wolf shifter cubs. Between finding the cubs’ parents and a surprise visit from Mama Chase, will the Chase pride get everything they want from Santa, or will their perfect holiday be a perfect disaster?

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Category: Paranormal Romance


The President’s Assistant

by Mia Faye

Washington, we have a problem.
It is called Reid Prentice.
The irresistibly handsome last-minute candidate running for the presidency.
My boss.
The man who seduced me in his office.
And now I’ve got morning sickness.
Is now a good time to let the potential future leader of our country know that I’m carrying his unexpected surprise?

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Dating a Vampire

by Abbey MacMunn

Witch Harper Clarke is pretty sure misfortune follows her around like a bad smell. Her spells end in disaster, her dating agency for supernaturals has an embarrassing lack of clients, and her love life is a washout. So, when a vampire signs up to the agency and she can’t find him a match, she agrees to date the vamp herself.

Charmer Damon Vertefeuille has it all: power, status, and wealth. Becoming a vampire to get his errant brother out of trouble isn’t what he expected. Newbie vamps aren’t supposed to be dangerous, but one look at his witchy date and he has a sudden desire to sink his fangs into her pale flesh.

Thing is, she wants his bite.

Chemistry sizzles, but when Damon’s brother threatens to tear them apart, the lines blur between loyalty, love, and dark desires.

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Category: Paranormal Romance


Hail Mary

by Hope Anika

An ornery, damaged Sheriff. A snarky, independent boardinghouse owner. A bungled bank robbery, an electric, unwelcome attraction, and a killer on the loose. What could possibly go wrong?

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance


Blame it on Romeo

by Sophia Knightly

Hi, I’m Francesca Lake, WBCG TV’s medical reporter. Privately, I am on a mission to marry a doctor to calm my hypochondriac fears. After my recent mortifying episode in the ER, it’s clear I suck at self-diagnosis. It all started when I thought I was having a heart attack and made a cringe-worthy entrance at the hospital. In my defense, I thought I was DYING. You can ask Harrison Taylor, my dog’s hunky veterinarian. He carried me into the emergency room.

I’m wildly attracted to Harrison–his forest green eyes, rugged physique and warm smile make my insides melt…not to mention other parts. My adorable dog, Romeo, is convinced Harrison is for me, but I’m looking for a “human” doctor. Harrison is an animal doctor. Do I look like an animal? Well, only on a bad hair day, but that’s beside the point.

It’s been a crazy ride as I date doctors to find “the one” and Romeo’s attempts to match me with Harrison aren’t helping. But, ignoring my pounding heart when I’m around swoony Harrison is proving impossible…

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Category: Contemporary Romance


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